WordPress is encouraging bloggers to participate in one of two challenges.

  • Post a Day 2011: Post something to your blog every single day through 2011
  • Post a Week 2011: Post to your blog at least once a week through 2011
  • While I’m quite certain I can post often in 2011, posting every day in 2011 is something I know won’t happen.  We already have two trips planned this upcoming year, one taking us out of the country and I’m trying to plan a trip back to Guatemala where an internet connection isn’t always available.
  • Now, a post a week?   That’s a challenge I can accept and will take on.

    Then earlier today I was reading a friend Cammie\’s blog and she introduced me to a new challenge that I’m going for.  It’s called the 365Project and in a nutshell it challenges people to document their lives by taking 1 photo every day and all you need is a camera.  Having two cameras, I should be able to accomplish this task.  And what a fun challenge that will also give me something to blog about each week 🙂

    While I wish these were the only challenges I had to face this year, these are challenges that will be fun to try and accomplish throughout the year.  And hopefully, while I’m having fun I’ll tackle some of the not-so-fun challenges like weight-loss and organizing 😦

    What challenges do you plan to tackle in 2011?

    5 thoughts on “Challenges

    1. With you on the not real to post everyday! Best wishes on remembering to use the camera everyday…I might get the pictures taken but it’s the downloading and publishing that would trip me up!! A post a week sounds very do-able. Have a great 2011!!

    2. Sounds like a fun challenge with the pictures. I tend to take in spurts. Some months I have TONS of pictures, others hardly any. I think one challenge I have this year that is not quite as precise as these challenges is to simplify our lives (especially our house). We have two rooms done so far. Another is to work on our calendar all year by downloading pictures monthly instead of waiting until right before Christmas like I usually do. 🙂

    3. Bonnie

      My challenges are more mundane. 1) Get healthier and more fit. I am tired of trying to lose weight so I am just going to concentrate on eating healthier and exercising more. If I lose weight, I lose weight, but that is not necessarily the goad. 2) Pay down my credit card debt. ‘Nuff said about that.

    4. Yesenia

      I read Cammie’s post as well and am also trying to do the same but I might go the Facebook route. Can’t wait to see what 2011 brings 🙂

    5. Oscar and Etta's mom

      I’m doing at least a post a week, with photos, in 2011. I totally thought I’d go in for the 365, but let’s face it, I’m too lazy for that. Project 52? That seems more manageable.

      Could I get your password?

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