House Hunters, Weeks’ Style

Being a diverse family, it’s important to us that we live in a town that has good diversity. So over the weekend, I spent a fair amount of time looking at the demographics of several towns in the DFW area. As a result, I eliminated some towns that we had previously been considering and we are now looking at some areas we hadn’t previously considered.

Hubby and I are also set up on the realtor site which enables us to set our preferences and look at all the houses in the areas we’re considering. I suppose it also takes our realtor off the hook in searching for new listings and I’m absolutely fine with that. After all, I tend to be a control freak and being able to search through listings provides me more control. It’s a win-win!!!

Since we’re not quite ready to make a purchase, I’m just going to share photos from some of the houses I like so far. No specific details on the house, just photos for your viewing pleasure.

I really like the arched doorway and wood floors.

Pool with pool-side fire pit?!!!  I can imagine some relaxing evenings in the pool by firelight.

Office space for hubby is a necessity.

Pool with hot tub would also be nice.  Having a covered patio area is also a requirement for us.

More to come another day.


  1. To keep posting pictures I want to see. And you need to give me a call cuz somehow or another I got some phone numbers deleted off my phone and yours was one of them so call me

  2. As stressful as it is, I loved looking at houses! Even though we closed on our house almost five months ago, I still regularly look at Redfin. My hubby is getting his real estate license, too, and I know I’ll be all up in his house-selling business because houses are SO COOL! You have good taste, by the way! 😉

    • I do love looking at houses. That part of the process isn’t stressful for me. The financial part of buying a house stresses me out big time.

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