She was five months old the first time we held her.


It broke my heart to leave Guatemala after that visit, so hubby sent me back for a second visit when she was 8 month old.


Two months later we returned to bring our beautiful little girl home.

2008 - What a Year!!!!

We watched her grow.

FFF Early

We’ve watched her change.DSC_0394

She became a big sister.

Meeting Naomi

She discovered hidden talents.


She tried new things.


And went on new adventures.


My water-loving girl

Is now 10!!! Double-digits!!!!

There are not enough adjectives in the world to describe this beautiful young lady who has changed our lives in more ways than we ever imagined.

Happy Birthday Liliana!!!!

Daddy and I love to more than words can express.

Happy Father’s Birthday

It was a double celebration for our family today as we celebrated my hubby on Father’s Day and our baby girl Naomi who turned 5 today.

We celebrated with a trip to Indianapolis where we indulged in some wonderful Ethiopian food and a trip to the Indianapolis Zoo.

My intent was to write a marvelous blog post about how wonderful of a father my children have followed by all the things that make Naomi awesome.  However, after a day at the zoo and then travel home, my time is limited.

Instead I’ll keep this short by saying Happy Father’s Day to my hubby who truly is an amazing father and Happy Birthday to Naomi who is awesome in so many amazing ways.






And Just Like That

Lili turned 7!!!!

She really wanted a remote control car.  She received a remote control truck and is so happy!!
She really wanted a remote control car, but received a remote control truck.  She is thrilled!!


We took the train to Chicago.
We took the train to Chicago.
She chose the planetarium as her birthday destination for this year.
She chose Adler Planetarium as her birthday destination for this year.


She just loves Science.  Maybe she'll be astronaut some day.
She just loves Science. Maybe she’ll be astronaut some day.


Just hard at work floating around in space.
Just hard at work floating around in space.
She was doing the "happy dance."
And the planetarium caused her to do the ‘happy dance.’



It was a good day and she was one happy girl!!!
It was a good day!!!

Happy Birthday my beautiful Lili.  You’ve grown and changed in so many wonderful ways this year.   I’m so proud and lucky to be your mommy.



4? Seriously?

In November, 2009 we received these pictures of the baby girl who would soon become our daughter.


Seriously, how can my baby be 4 years old already?  Yet we celebrated this beautiful, energetic, chatty, creative, fun, exuberant, dramatic and loving little girl’s 4th birthday yesterday.

DSC_0521 DSC_0524 DSC_0528 DSC_0530 DSC_0576

Naomi, our life certainly wouldn’t be complete without you!!  Happy Birthday!!!!