Here We Go Again

On Saturday, we put in offers on two different houses (#8 and #9). Today, we received a counter-offer on home #9 and after some discussion, we accepted that offer. We’ll now begin the process all over again. Option period Home inspection Earnest money to title company Possibly more negotiations if something is found during theContinue reading “Here We Go Again”

Back to the Drawing Board

During the home inspection, the inspector found damage to the roof from a recent hail storm.  We had a roofing company out to inspect further and it was determined the roof needed to be replaced. A request was sent to the seller to have the roof replaced and this morning our agent was told the sellerContinue reading “Back to the Drawing Board”

House Hunters Weeks Style – Open Houses

It was a beautiful spring day in the DFW area today, so hubby, the girls and I headed out to check out open houses – one in Fort Worth, one in Carrollton and one in Plano. I was very much looking forward to finally walking thru some houses instead of just driving by, but whatContinue reading “House Hunters Weeks Style – Open Houses”

House Hunters, Week’s Style – The Search Continues

I’m so happy to looked more closely at the demographics around the DFW area and now have my search tool all set up thru our realtor’s site. Each day I get hits on new listings in the areas I’ve chosen and I’m finding a common trend.  It seems the houses I like most are prettyContinue reading “House Hunters, Week’s Style – The Search Continues”

House Hunters, Weeks’ Style

Being a diverse family, it’s important to us that we live in a town that has good diversity. So over the weekend, I spent a fair amount of time looking at the demographics of several towns in the DFW area. As a result, I eliminated some towns that we had previously been considering and weContinue reading “House Hunters, Weeks’ Style”