RV Options

For those who followed our move from Illinois to Texas, you know that we lived in our RV full-time while waiting for our house in Illinois to sell.  The Class A RV we had, while great for travel was not great for full-time living.


As a result, we traded it in on a large 5th wheel.

We purchased the 5th wheel knowing we would be living in it for 1 or more years.  After all, we had a house to sell back in Illinois and the housing market back there wasn’t very good at all.  It didn’t matter that we didn’t have a truck to tow it with, because we would be living in it, not traveling with it.  So we made the purchase and arrangements to have it delivered to our space at the RV park.

We had hired a couple of people to do some work on our house back in Illinois before putting it on the market and the purchase of the 5th wheel was complete when our realtor was finally able to list our house.  Three days later we got the call that someone had put in an offer on the house.  It was a good offer that we accepted and we found ourselves in the position of now owning a 5th wheel with the option of being able to purchase a sticks and bricks home in Texas.

They say hindsight it 20/20 and in this case, it may have made a bit more sense to wait until after our house was listed before purchasing a different RV.  However, we all make decisions based on the information we have on hand and our information lead us to believe our house really would not sell quickly and certainly not as quickly as it did.

We lived in the 5th wheel for about 5 1/2 months before closing on our house here in Texas and after getting some warranty work done, we moved her to a storage facility.  There she sits, unused 😦

Now that we are feeling settled in our new home, hubby and I have begun having conversation about what we do with her.  It doesn’t make sense to make payments on something we are unable to use.  We could go out and buy a truck to pull her with, but she takes a pretty good-sized truck and neither hubby or I want to drive that big of a truck around on a regular basis.  Plus, we’ll likely be adding a couple foster kids to our household in the not too distant future.  Putting six people in the cab of a truck, while doable, isn’t a great idea in our book.  I really don’t like the idea of a child in the front seat and that would be our only option.

So, we nixed the idea of buying a truck to keep the 5th wheel and decided to hit the Dallas RV Show over the weekend in an effort to make a decision on an RV.

We left the RV show without making a decision.  At least not a final decision.

After looking at some Class C’s and a couple of Class A’s, we decided that a travel trailer probably made the most sense.  Maybe something we can tow with our Suburban.  Now it’s a matter of determining exactly how much our Suburban can pull.  Or will it make more sense to get a heavy-duty van that can more easily pull a travel trailer?  A van would certainly be more comfortable for two adults, four kids and three dogs, but we’re just not sure what would be best at this point.  At least we can begin looking into all of this and will hopefully find something that works well for our family so we can get back into camping.  After all, unlike Illinois, camping in Texas is a year-round event and we should take advantage of that.  Plus, camping helps fill my travel bug 🙂





All I Need Is . . . .


Okay, this clip may be a somewhat accurate portrayal of me as I was trying to figure out what I needed in the RV.

The RV is stocked with everything we need, except my Kitchen Aid mixer. All I need is the stocked RV and my Kitchen Aid mixer. And my mixing bowls. All I need is my stocked RV, my Kitchen Aid mixer and my mixing bowls. And the Instant Pot. All I need is the stocked RV, my Kitchen Aid mixer, my mixing bowls, and the Instant Pot. And . . . . .

You get the picture.

Seriously, I got rid of or packed most of our belongings and the things I packed are sitting in a storage unit. But the things I brought with us in the RV don’t all fit.  My Kitchen Aid mixer is too tall for cupboards, under seat and under bed storage areas.  It will only fit on the counter or in the closet space.   There isn’t enough counter space for the mixer and we need all available closet space for our clothing, because we don’t have a lot of closet space.  For a matter-of-fact, we don’t have enough closet and drawer space that will hold enough clothing for the four of us.  I brought the food we had left at our house and we don’t have enough cupboard space for all the food, so I bought a storage container with drawers and was able to squeeze it in next to the fridge and it’s now full.  However, I still have food that is sitting on the counter because the storage container didn’t provide us enough additional space and there isn’t room for another storage containers.  We are utilizing the microwave as cupboard space, which means any time we want to use the microwave we have to pull it all out.  I have a basket full of baking supplies that is sitting on the couch along with our coats, which we don’t have room for.  Our second bathroom shower is being used as an overflow storage unit and is now full.  We would put more of our things in storage, but it is full as well.  We didn’t want to pay an additional $60 per month for a larger unit, so the choices became getting rid of more belonging or getting an RV with more storage.  Everything that is in the RV has been or will be used on a regular basis, so getting rid of things isn’t a great option.  That meant one thing – ask Santa for a larger RV.  A fifth-wheel to be exact!

After looking at several units, Santa is working on granting my Christmas wish!!!!!

Today we signed a purchase order for a Heartland Oakmont OM390MBL.  If all goes well, we should be moving everything over to our new, roomier RV sometime after Christmas or maybe after the first of the year.  We are requesting something be added to the new RV and that might delay move-in by a little bit, but hopefully we’ll have the paperwork approved within the next 1-2 days and can begin to re-pack some things and prepare for yet another move.

Since the plan is to be full-time RVer’s for the next 1-2 years, we really need to have something as homey and comfortable as possible.  The new RV should do the job wonderfully and we’re keeping fingers crossed that Santa is able to give us the gift of a bigger home this Christmas!



An RV Christmas Project

We have 32 more days before we’ll be living in our RV full-time and we’ll be arriving less than two weeks before Christmas.  I’m taking a small tree and decorations, which we’ll be setting up as soon as we get the RV parked.  Because I like to create wonderful memories, I was hoping to come up with a fun Christmas craft project we could do this year.

Tonight, I saw a video someone posted on Facebook and I knew I had found our RV craft project.  Even though I couldn’t understand one word this woman was saying, the projects on the video are pretty self-explanatory.  I think the girls and I will tackle the second project – some fun Christmas colored embroidery floss, water, glue, balloons and white Christmas lights (minus the blinking) and we have a cute RV Christmas decoration.

What fun projects do you have planned this holiday season?

Georgette and the Great Southeast Adventure – Part 1

I had a wonderful plan in place.

First, I would take a lot of pictures along the way.  Then, after the kids were in bed, I would post about each day’s adventure.

It really was a wonderful plan, but I took far fewer photos than I had hoped and none of the campgrounds had great Wi-Fi.

For now, Georgette now sits in the driveway, recovering from her Great Southeast Adventure.  I’ve spent the week getting laundry done and preparing for our weekend away.  This time a closer-to-home adventure, but I wanted to at least share Day 1 of Georgette’s Great Southeast Adventure with you.  After all, I’m sure you’ve all been checking in daily hoping to read the exciting story 🙂

Wait no more . . . . .

We were loading the last of our supplies shortly before 6 a.m. and by 6:15 the kids were buckled in their seats and the dogs were in their travel crates when hubby took his place behind the wheel.  He turned the key and Georgette’s engine began to purr.  She doesn’t have a quiet, gentle purr.  Instead, she purrs loudly letting us know she’s ready to travel.  Hubby raised the levelers while I did a final walk-around to make sure all basement compartments were closed and locked, then made my way to the end of the driveway.  My job was to make sure there were no vehicles coming and then direct hubby out into the street.

With Georgette safely backed out of the driveway, I took my place in the passenger seat and we headed toward the highway.   This is when we discovered a problem.

Georgette’s generator wouldn’t start.

Georgette has air-conditioning in the cab, but it’s not enough to cool the living quarters and that is where the kids and dogs were riding.  If they were going to stay cool on the trip, we needed generator power while on the road and we didn’t have that.  Had Georgette let us down so early in the trip?  Since we would be traveling thru 90+ degree temperature, this truly was a problem that needed to be solved.  We had to make a stop to fill the fridge and that would give hubby a chance to check the fuses.  This would be an easy fix and if it didn’t solve the problem, we weren’t sure what we would do.

While I quickly wheeled the cart thru the grocery store picking up fruits, veggies and lunch food for the road, hubby was checking fuses and trying to get the generator running.

I returned, opened Georgette’s door only to discover her generator still wasn’t working.  What would we do?

Obviously, the next step was pulling out the Owner’s Manual.  Within a few seconds I discovered the problem wasn’t Georgette or her generator.  It was inquisitive FS2 who had turned a switch to the Off position when we weren’t looking.  Once it was turned back on, the generator started right up and we made our way to the Interstate and headed east.

We drove for a few hours looking at field after field of corn and soybeans.  Farms, towns and small cities were scattered about, but overall, it was a view we saw every time we left our small town for any destination within the Central Illinois area.

Finally, we got to Indianapolis and Georgette took us in a southward direction to Kentucky.  Finally, a change of scenery.  The flatlands were replaced with hills, which got bigger and bigger the further south we travelled.  The corn and soybeans fields disappeared and were replaced with rocks and trees.  Suddenly, our trip was much more visually appealing and we enjoyed looking out over the beautiful landscape.


Georgette had been used to driving over the flatlands of Illinois and we didn’t know how she would handle the hills.  She revved her engine and pulled her way up each hill then cruised down the other side.  Any concerns we had disappeared as she tacked each hill beautifully.

By dinnertime, we were pulling into our camp space at the Renfro Valley KOA.  The kids were excited to get out and burn off some energy in the pool.  I also realized just how nice it was to have Georgette.  It took us (primarily hubby) just a few minutes to level her, plug-in the power, get us hooked up to water and put out the slides.  Since our clothes were already in drawers and closets, there was no need to unload suitcases and cart them to a hotel room for the night.  We were soon dressed into our swimsuits and making our way to the pool for a splashing good time.

After the pool, we got something to eat and then took the kids to the playground for a little while before we all settled in for a good’s night sleep.  After all, we had another full day of travel ahead and we needed rest.


She’s Home

Meet Georgette

It was so exciting to see our name attached to this beautiful RV!!!!







The newest member of the Weeks Family!!


This is one excited camper!!!


The galley


Living area
Another excited camper!!!!
One of two bathrooms
King bed!!! We don’t have a king bed in our house 🙂
Lili loves her bunk
FS1 will sleep in the bunk above the cab and he is so excited!!!!
It’s ready for us to get behind the wheel and head for the campground.
Comfy sofa Naomi? This is a recliner sleeper sofa by-the-way.


The walk-thru was complete, the paperwork done and we were on the way home


What’s In a Name

My girls really like stuffed animals and every time they get a new one, it must be given a name.  They like to give them names that mean something to them.

For example, Naomi got a stuffed tiger from Bass Pro Shop a couple of years ago and named it Bassy.  About a year before Bassy, she got a little stuffed bear that she named Lightbald, because the first thing she looked at when she was trying to come up with a name was the lightbulb in her ceiling fan.  She couldn’t pronounce lightbulb and thus was born, Lightbald.  Still, it was a connection 🙂

When hubby returned from a recent fishing trip down near New Orleans, he gave Lili a stuffed alligator which she has name Neo – short for New Orleans.  The stuffed bear he brought back from Seattle she calls Seawa, short for Seattle, WA.

Boat owners are notorious for naming their boats, some people name their cars, and RV owners like to name their RVs.

Hubby and I have been trying to come up with a good name for our RV.  We want a name that has some meaning and connects us to our 2nd home.

A few days ago, hubby shared this name with me . . . . .

The connection is our continued desire to homestead and our desire to travel in our RV.

Homestead On Wheels In Essence = HOWIE!!!

Personally, I think the RV needs a female name, but I do like the connection between homesteading and RVing.  Maybe this?!!!!!

Hoping Our Plan Emerges = HOPE!!!!

Or maybe this one which means homestead traveler . . . . . .

Treva Beatrix

Then my research into names lead me to this name . . . . .

Liridona (lear-a-dona)

It means, longing for freedom, which is a wonderful description of hubby and me.

We long for the freedom to hit the open road, visit new places and see what adventures await us.  We also long for the homestead lifestyle that can provide us the freedom to raise our own food and live a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

It’s a strange combination of longing, but it lead me on a search to find a name meaning longing.


Or maybe . . . . .

Desideria Fernanda

These two names mean longing and adventure.

I am probably spending way too much time trying to come up with the perfect name, but it is fun to try to come up with potential RV names.

Do you like any of the names we’ve come up with so far?














This morning the electricians came out and got our 50 amp service installed for the RV.

We need to get the driveway done and then we are ready to park the RV.

Speaking of the RV, we think she needs a name.   As a reminder, we have ordered a Georgetown 364TS and so far Georgia is the only name we’ve come up with.  Of course this always make me sing.

What do you think we should name our Georgetown?




A Child’s View As We Get Ready

We are inching closer to RV ownership and the excitement grows.  Apparently, Naomi is more excited that I knew.

A few days ago she said,  “I love RV’s.  I love sleeping in them and camping.”

Funny thing is, she has never slept in an RV and she’s never been camping.  Somehow she just knows she’s going to love it and I’m sure she will.

The boys really don’t get what’s happening.  FS1 pretty much lives day-to-day and FS2 is only 15 months old.  The girls, on-the-other-hand, are excited about getting the RV, setting it up and camping.  We’ve told them we will take a couple of trial runs in our yard before venturing out.  If we can get all the work done to get our RV parking spot finished in time, maybe we can actually do just that.

So far I’ve gotten estimates on getting the electrical set up and have talked to a tree service about grinding the tree and shrub stumps.  Hubby’s schedule isn’t allowing him a lot of time to get everything cut though, so not sure when we can get that part done.  I’ve also been waiting on a call from a company that does driveway work.  Today I reached out to another driveway company.  While I’m making some progress, there isn’t a lot of work being done.  Fortunately though, the weather has been improving and we don’t have any more snow in the forecast over the next week.  That’s a plus.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to plan while I purchase all the things we need for camping.  Eventually we’ll have it all together and my blog posts will be about our camping adventures or misadventures.



There was a time in my life when I was fairly organized.  Never OCD organized, but there was some organization in my life and my home.  Somewhere along the way, organization flew out the window and I need it to fly right back in.

Lately, all I can think about is how important it is going to be to organize the RV.  Unlike my home with plenty of closets, cupboards and shelf space, the RV won’t have much and there isn’t a lot of room to add more.

Then the thought pops in my head – “If I can’t get this house organized, what makes me think I can get our RV organized”?

So now I’ve challenged myself to get my house cleaned and organized before the RV arrives.  Believe me, that’s a lofty goal folks.

A couple weeks ago, hubby and I got to work in the basement.  I began putting things in boxes to take to Goodwill.  Things that haven’t seen any other part of the house except the basement in years.  I have a table in the basement that if full of Christmas decorations.  Decorations that I haven’t used in years.

Why do I keep this stuff?

Oh yeah, I remember!  I have this tendency to convince myself that someday I may want it or use it again.

That’s crazy talk!!!!!!!!

It’s time to end the crazy and stop being lazy.

It’s time to remove the junk and get out of this funk.

It’s time to stop the mutter and de-clutter.

(The kids and I have been working on rhyming words quite a bit lately.  Can you tell?)

I am going to strive for more simplicity.


The last thing I want to do is continue cluttering up our lives to the point that I need to use all 7 days in the week to keep up with things.  I want to spend my weekends camping with no feelings of guilt about all the stuff there is to do at home.  I want to walk in the door from a fun weekend in the great outdoors to see a home and not all the stuff this home hides behind.

Because I don’t know exactly when the RV will take up residence in our driveway, I am giving myself 21 days.  I’ll call it the 21 Day Reduce and Simplify challenge.   My goal is to remove all those things in our home that are only here collecting dust or hiding in the back of the closet.  We must have a regular use for everything in our house, otherwise it needs to go.  (Don’t worry hubby, I have a regular use for you in our house 🙂 )

By April 1st, I want my focus to be on organizing the RV and spending our weekends camping and enjoying the great outdoors.

Ready, set, go!!!!