Holiday Traditions

Everyone who celebrates the Holidays have traditions and sometimes those traditions change. One of our traditions is to open our gifts on Christmas morning and that tradition will continue this year.  However, now that we are living in our new home, we decided to incorporate a new tradition.  The idea behind it was to betterContinue reading “Holiday Traditions”

Farewell to Lights

An annual holiday tradition in our family has been taking a trip to see the East Peoria Festival of Lights.  However, Naomi was very conflicted about going this year.  She enjoys seeing the lights, but not having daddy with us was very difficult for her.  Still we made plans to go see the lights andContinue reading “Farewell to Lights”

Traditions Are a Changin

As Christmas approaches, my girls have been talking about our family traditions.  Like going to see the Festival of Lights each year and reading the Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve. Traditions are very important to my girls and this evening I realized that our traditions are a changin.  For the most part, we’ll beContinue reading “Traditions Are a Changin”

A New Holiday Tradition

Unlike me, hubby was an avid reader when we got married.  It was one good example of how much our upbringing effected us.  Books were a big thing in his house, not so much in mine.  Yet, his love of books rubbed off on me.  Eventually, I began to read more and developed an appreciationContinue reading “A New Holiday Tradition”