Blast From the Past

Facebook is good about posting reminders for posts past and today I was reminded of a time, four years ago, when I took my girls in to get professional photos taken for Christmas.  It’s a day I will always fondly remember. Neither of the girls were being very cooperative.  One of them didn’t want her pictureContinue reading “Blast From the Past”

What a Wildlife

The girls and I were out enjoying another beautiful day here in Central IL. We took homeschool to Wildlife Prairie Park just outside Peoria for a few hours of exploration. This is such a great resource for us here in Central IL that I’m a bit embarrassed to admit we haven’t been there is aContinue reading “What a Wildlife”

How to Keep Naomi Busy

Lili has one hour horseback riding lessons every week and during that hour Naomi needs to be entertained in a quiet way.  So far, she’s been entertained by taking pictures during Lili’s lessons.  Here’s an example of her work. She actually managed to get some decent pictures 🙂 While Naomi is happily snapping pictures, LiliContinue reading “How to Keep Naomi Busy”