Winter Work-Out

Hubby and Lili are still sick, although both are beginning to show signs of improvement and because we were running low on several things, I really needed to make a trip to the grocery store.  I decided hubby and Lili could stay home while Naomi and I headed out into our winter wonderland, but unfortunately, theContinue reading “Winter Work-Out”

Dehydrating on a Snowy Day

As I was turning off lights before heading to bed last night, I peeked outside only to discover that is was snowing once again. Already, the ground was covered in white and the wind was blowing so I knew the roads probably weren’t going to be in great shape this morning. As I had predicted,Continue reading “Dehydrating on a Snowy Day”

Snowy Thoughts

The snow is coming down. It’s not coming down vertically as light fluffy flakes, but instead millions of tiny snow flakes are blowing horizontally across the yard. Every once in a while a stronger gust of wind sending even more flakes blowing off the roof of the house, spiraling down to the ground. Drifts ofContinue reading “Snowy Thoughts”

Snow, Thru the Eyes of a Child

It began snowing early evening yesterday and as the sun went down, the snow continued. We watched the snow falling, sparkling in the glow of the street lights. Slowly, it began to cover everything in a blanket of white. When we awoke this morning, we peeked outside and saw our winter wonderland. Everything covered inContinue reading “Snow, Thru the Eyes of a Child”

First Snow Excitement

The snow began around dinnertime.  There wasn’t much accumulation expected, but the girls were still excited and couldn’t wait until morning when they could go outside and enjoy the very first snow of the season. Before breakfast, they were dressed and bundled up for some snowy fun.  Naomi was hopeful that they could create somethingContinue reading “First Snow Excitement”