Please Let the Door Hit You on Your Way Out 2020

As with most years, 2020 has had its ups and downs. However, 2020 ushered in more downs than ups. COVID hit and the majority of us experienced something we hoped we wouldn’t see in this lifetime. Now 2020 is coming to an end and I realize that my list of highlights for the year hasContinue reading “Please Let the Door Hit You on Your Way Out 2020”

Make Sure You Use an Awesome Realtor

Thursday: We close on the two houses in 4 days!! Later Thursday: No, we won’t be closing in 4 days. We’re just not sure when we will be closing 😦 Even Later Thursday: We will close next Thursday. Still Thursday: But what about the movers coming to move us on Tuesday? What about the utilitiesContinue reading “Make Sure You Use an Awesome Realtor”

One Week Plus Eleven Days

Thanksgiving is one week from today. A day and season of thankfulness. In years past, it was a day for our family and extended family to gather. Although, Thanksgiving get-togethers have slowly become a memory of years gone by as our family began to spend the holiday with their other extended family. This year, COVIDContinue reading “One Week Plus Eleven Days”