Little Miss Independent

ANW is fiercely independent, specifically about mealtime. We began the switch from baby food to table food a couple of months prior to her 1st birthday and noticed that she wasn’t a fan.  When it came time to make the switch permanently, on more than one occasion she would scream, cry and refuse to eat.Continue reading “Little Miss Independent”

On a Windy Day

The winds were crazy on Sunday!  Stead winds at about 25 mph with higher gusts.  The sun hid behind the clouds and the winds weren’t very warm, so our time was mostly spent indoors.  The girls invited their cousin over for a playdate and about mid-afternoon they decided to do some baking. For Christmas, LiliContinue reading “On a Windy Day”

Melting This Mommy’s Heart

After 5 months living in our new home, I finally tackled all the containers that I shoved into our coat closet.  I pulled out containers of coats, hats, gloves, pictures and home décor.  Since I’ve gotten one wall painted and ready for décor, hubby got out his tools and began hanging things. As I was goingContinue reading “Melting This Mommy’s Heart”

Kitchen Space

One of my biggest challenges while living in the RV was not having ample kitchen space.   Maybe I would have mastered it given more time, but preparing meals in a small space was not easy.  I avoided doing anything complicated simply out of frustration. – Not enough cupboard space for storing the things I would use onContinue reading “Kitchen Space”

Do You See What’s Missing?

‘ Do you notice anything different? It might be a little hard to tell because we’ve been waiting so long it doesn’t necessarily appear that anything is missing.  But there is something a little different about Naomi. This evening, she came over and said, “Mom, this just came out of my mouth”.  In her hand wasContinue reading “Do You See What’s Missing?”