Merry Christmas, Wicked Weather

Guess we’re in Texas now :-0 Our first Christmas in Texas was really quite nice.  The girls were excited Christmas morning to discover gifts under our little tree.  Of course it meant more stuff in our small space that have no home, but I’ve managed to find places to put some things and today I’m offContinue reading “Merry Christmas, Wicked Weather”

A December and Christmas to Remember

In 5 days hubby flies back home. In 6 days we load the U-Haul truck. In 7 days we leave Illinois headed for Texas. In 9 days we park Georgette at the RV park.  Our new temporary home. In 21 days we celebrate Christmas. This will certainly be a December and a Christmas to remember.Continue reading “A December and Christmas to Remember”

First, Last, TWO WEEKS

We’ve celebrated 19 Thanksgivings since living in this house.  I’ve hosted about 15 of the 19 Thanksgivings, baking the turkey, ham, making stuffing, mashed potatoes, a variety of vegetables, and desserts.  This year, however, I had our Thanksgiving meal catered.  This was a first for me, but with only two weeks til moving day, TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!! myContinue reading “First, Last, TWO WEEKS”

Back to a Family of Four

On Saturday morning, hubby took FS1 and FS2 to their new foster home.  To say it was an emotional day would be a gross understatement.  FS1 was in tears as the enormity of what was happening and the fact that mom was crying, began to sink in.   From the day we learned we would beContinue reading “Back to a Family of Four”

Adventures, The End

After our drive thru the Garden of the Gods, we headed south to Texas. The drive thru Colorado a mixture of beauty and just okay.  Then we hit New Mexico.  Holy Cow!!!  What beautiful country. The girls and I were excited to see something other than deer crossing signs.  Like bear crossings.  Elk crossings.  IContinue reading “Adventures, The End”

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Or at least I hope some of you have noticed my absence from blogging. My family and I just returned from a trip to Missouri and Texas. We visited with friends in Missouri and visited family in Texas. On the way back home we stopped in Missouri again to look at some property we’ve hadContinue reading “Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder”