Ending Christmas Day

Lili woke up early this morning, wanting to know if Santa had arrived. She was trying hard to patiently wait for Naomi to wake up, not able to lie still and wanting to talk. None of us knowing exactly when Naomi will finally begin to stir, I asked Lili if she wanted to wake Naomi. Without hesitation she jumped out off bed and headed to Naomi’s room. Soon, both girls came bouncing down the hall waiting for all of us to go downstairs. The anticipation of Christmas morning almost more than they could handle. I told them to go check to see if Santa had come, both quickly turning around and wasting no time getting down the stairs. I could hear excited chatter and then both coming back to report their findings. Soon we were all ready to go down together and with a fire burning in the fireplace, we settled in to begin opening gifts.  A reminder of the rule – one person at a time opening a gift, going youngest to oldest. Everyone watching and waiting to see what the recipient received before the next person opens a gift.

Soon, all the gifts were opened. Wrapping paper, boxes and gifts now occupying different areas of the living room. The mess on Christmas morning is always welcome. It’s a lovely sight that I look forward to each year. As I begin to pick up, I sing Christmas songs and remember the smiles, laughter, excitement and surprise.

It was a good day!

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas Eve!

There is a lot of excitement in our house today.  We will bake cookies this afternoon and watching some holiday movies. After dinner we will take a drive around town to look at the lights. Hopefully, while we’re gone, Santa’s elves will have stopped by to make sure we’re ready for the big guy’s arrival and leave us each a gift under the tree – new pajamas!!!

Throughout the day, there will be music.

I am sure to spread lots of Christmas cheer as I sing along with more of my favorite holiday tunes.

Merry Christmas Eve!

Visiting Santa

A couple of years ago we were at Bass Pro Shop to do some shopping.  The Bass Pro Shop in our area hadn’t been open long and we were not aware they had Santa’s Wonderland during the Christmas holiday.  Since we were there and the line to see Santa was so short, we decided to let the girls have a visit with Santa and get their picture taken.  Naomi was happy to sit on Santa’s lap, but Lili was unsure about the visit.  Reluctantly, she agreed to stand next to Santa for a picture and told him what she wanted for Christmas.  We got our free photo and headed off to finish our shopping.

Last year we headed back to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa again.  After all, when we think of Bass Pro Shop, we think Santa!   The girls were excited about the trip, but this time the line was unbelievably long.  We had to take a number and wait.  When our turn finally arrived Lili didn’t hesitate and marched up to sit on Santa’s lap.  This time, Naomi was more than reluctant.  She refused to go near the jolly old elf and instead stayed back with daddy, watching as Lili told Santa what she wanted for Christmas and also telling him what Naomi wanted for Christmas.  She got her picture taken, was given her candy cane and off we went with our free photo in hand.

This year the girls wanted to go back to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa.  After all, it’s now become a family tradition.  In an attempt to avoid the long lines of the previous year, hubby took the afternoon off from work so we could get their early.   Going on a weekday afternoon had to be better than going on a weekend and we were right.  We watched a little baby get her first picture with Santa, followed by a little boy who was not very excited about seeing Santa.  Then it was our turn.  Both girls marched up to Santa, Naomi climbing on one knee and Lili on the other.  They got their picture taken, both telling Santa they had been good girls this year and then telling him what they wanted for Christmas.  He gave each of them their candy cane and as they climbed off his lap told him good-bye and Merry Christmas.

We waited to see the picture intending to get our free photo and leave, but this time I had to make a photo purchase.  Not only was it the first time both girls happily sat on Santa’s lap, but this photo needed to be shared.

Lili and Naomi w/Santa - December, 2013
Lili and Naomi w/Santa – December, 2013

Tender Heart

As Naomi has gotten older, she has developed a tender heart. Daddy or mommy scolding her for something can send her to tears pretty easily, but lately songs that touch her little heart will also send her into tears.  I understand this, as more than a few songs have caused tears to stream down my face.  Some songs just bring emotions to the surface.

Today, we were on our way to meet up with some other homeschoolers for a day at the park.  Other than the fog, it was a decent day here in Central IL and we needed to take full advantage and get everyone outside for some fresh air and outdoor fun.  On the way, we were listening to a local radio station which plays Christmas music all day this time of the year.  One of my favorite Christmas songs came on the radio and within a few minutes Lili  announced that Naomi had tears on her cheeks.  I’ve had to fight back the tears most times I’ve heard this song too, so I can’t say I blame her at all for getting emotional.

My tender-hearted little girl feels deeply and that’s a good thing.