I jumped the gun yesterday. Even though we were told closing was happening Tuesday morning, it appears that wasn’t accurate. Around 7:30 last night, our lender called to let us know that closing has been moved to Wednesday.  It’s due to appraisal changes underwriting is requiring and the appraiser didn’t get them done yesterday. WeContinue reading “WEEEEEEE!”

Happy Dance

The appraisal has arrived!!!! It was sent after our lender left for the day yesterday, so technically on time, just not during the regular work day. As of today we’re signing all necessary documents to close Tuesday morning at 8:30 a.m. We’ve informed the RV Park of our departure. I’ve set up our accounts forContinue reading “Happy Dance”

The Saga Continues

Closing has now been pushed out to Tuesday because the lender still doesn’t have the appraisal.  The fact that the lender doesn’t have the appraisal is not shocking in the least.  We are working with the VA and they are not known for expediting things.  However, the frustrating part in this is that waiting untilContinue reading “The Saga Continues”

That’s How We Roll

Our home purchase experience has been full of ups and downs. First we found a fixer-upper in Arlington. –          Offer made –          Nothing back from the seller on the offer –          Finally, a new offer is made –          Offer is accepted –          Home inspection completed –          Roofer out to inspect roof –          Seller decides sheContinue reading “That’s How We Roll”

Check and Check

Today, the girls and I drove to the title company and gave them the earnest money for our Tuscany home purchase. – Check The home inspection is scheduled for tomorrow morning which is an important next step in the process.  The inspector has given us a really good deal on doing a pool inspection asContinue reading “Check and Check”

1, 2, 3, 4 . . . . . Our Tuscany House

Find a house you want to buy. Make offer on house. Offer accepted. We were able to check items 1 and 2 off our list on Tuesday, then we spent the following two days waiting on the counter offer. It didn’t help that the seller’s agent told us (via our agent) that we would beContinue reading “1, 2, 3, 4 . . . . . Our Tuscany House”

Finding the Perfect Home

Now that our house has sold, we are taking baby steps toward future home ownership in the DFW area. Currently, we’re living further north than we would like which means hubby has a commute. While that is fine temporarily, we certainly don’t want to settle this far away from his job. Yet, we are stillContinue reading “Finding the Perfect Home”