It’s Official

Spring has sprung!

The temperatures have been slowly rising, although for the most part they have still been below normal. Then overnight the rains and storms moved in and now we have the possibility of severe storms this afternoon and tonight. When the severe weather threats move in, I know spring has officially arrived.

Although today is a gloomy day, the grass is much greener and my tulips are working their way up thru the soil. I should see little green leaves emerge from the branches of the trees soon and next week I’ll move my pots of cabbage and broccoli outside during the day to begin hardening before planting them the following week.

Our long, cold, snowy winter is now behind us and I look forward to the new season before us.


Finally!!! A Spring Day

We are finally getting a real spring day here and it couldn’t come at a better time. There is a lot to be done outside and we are armed with supplies to get it done.

Last year we completed a deck and patio project.

First, hubby and girls built a fire pit.
First, hubby and girls built a fire pit.


Our rebuilt deck leading down to our new patio.  The fire pit is lonely no more!!
Our rebuilt deck leading down to our new patio. The fire pit is lonely no more!!

That project now requires some landscaping be done and I had decided last year that I would be putting in some small shrubs around the patio and along the deck. Of course, those plans have now changed, as most plans around here do.  Having a real need for more garden space, planting shrubs just didn’t seem like a good idea.  So instead of shrubs around the patio, I will be putting in pots filled with herbs. The space around the deck will be filled with plants that will attract butterflies and bees, which are of great benefit to the garden. I’m also putting in a small flowering tree that will eventually provide some shade to the deck. There will still be space for additional pots of herbs around the deck as well.

The nice thing about using pots for my herbs is that I can take them with me when we move to the homestead.

I’ve ordered everything and they should arrive later this week, so today is my day to get the ground ready for planting – cleaning up dead growth, leveling the ground, putting down landscape fabric and mulch. A lot to do on a beautiful spring day!!!!


Spring Cleaning

As much as I enjoy a freshly fallen snow, and we’ve had a lot of freshly fallen snow this winter, I don’t always realize just how much the cold weather and cloudy skies affect me. While my body seems to get used to the colder temperatures, it also seems to slow down. I spend my days doing the bare minimum and my body stores fat to help me get thru the long winter days. Cobwebs fill my house and my mind as I wait for the arrival of spring.

Today the sun shines and I’m reminded of just how much I haven’t done over the winter. I look outside and see puddles where snow and ice once resided. I have energy. More energy than I’ve had the last three months. I’m motivated to get up and move. The beginning signs of spring renew my mind, my body and my spirit.

I won’t kid myself into believing that winter is completely over. After all, spring doesn’t officially begin for a couple more weeks, but those first signs of spring are here. The sun rises earlier in the morning and sets later in the evening. It warms the earth with its glow and begins to melt away the cold and snow. Birds are moving more and their songs fill the sky with joy. My body senses the changes and responds in positive ways. I like it!  And my house seems to like it too.

Now back to spring cleaning!!