Tell You What I Want

What I really, really want . . . . . We’re house/dog sitting this weekend. After living in our small space for the last month, being in a large home feels strangely uncomfortable. Not in a terrible way. Just uncomfortable. There is so much space between all of us and it makes me realize justContinue reading “Tell You What I Want”

Camping Before the Rains

Georgette took us on our second camping adventure.  This time we headed to Clinton Lake and spent two nights enjoying nature and our home on wheels. Nature brought us something we weren’t expecting – Cicadas.  According to my research, this is Brood XXIII, which emerge on a 13 year cycle.  There were so many thatContinue reading “Camping Before the Rains”

Mom, Can I Have a Baby Chick?

This was the question Naomi asked me recently. We’ve had discussion about the animals that will one day be on our little farm and hae made it clear that a coop will be built (if there isn’t already one in place) and baby chicks will be the first farmyard animals to grace our homestead. We haveContinue reading “Mom, Can I Have a Baby Chick?”

Snowy Thoughts

The snow is coming down. It’s not coming down vertically as light fluffy flakes, but instead millions of tiny snow flakes are blowing horizontally across the yard. Every once in a while a stronger gust of wind sending even more flakes blowing off the roof of the house, spiraling down to the ground. Drifts ofContinue reading “Snowy Thoughts”

Scissors and a 4-Year-old

One of the things I’m working on with Naomi this year are her scissor skills.  She is doing pre-school work and learning good scissor skills is part of most pre-school programs.  Cutting with scissors allows her to work on her fine motor skills.  Plus, cutting with scissors is great fun!!! Apparently, she is feeling confident inContinue reading “Scissors and a 4-Year-old”