A December and Christmas to Remember

In 5 days hubby flies back home. In 6 days we load the U-Haul truck. In 7 days we leave Illinois headed for Texas. In 9 days we park Georgette at the RV park.  Our new temporary home. In 21 days we celebrate Christmas. This will certainly be a December and a Christmas to remember.Continue reading “A December and Christmas to Remember”

First, Last, TWO WEEKS

We’ve celebrated 19 Thanksgivings since living in this house.  I’ve hosted about 15 of the 19 Thanksgivings, baking the turkey, ham, making stuffing, mashed potatoes, a variety of vegetables, and desserts.  This year, however, I had our Thanksgiving meal catered.  This was a first for me, but with only two weeks til moving day, TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!! myContinue reading “First, Last, TWO WEEKS”

An RV Christmas Project

We have 32 more days before we’ll be living in our RV full-time and we’ll be arriving less than two weeks before Christmas.  I’m taking a small tree and decorations, which we’ll be setting up as soon as we get the RV parked.  Because I like to create wonderful memories, I was hoping to come up withContinue reading “An RV Christmas Project”

Thru the Eyes of a Child

45 days until Christmas!!!!!! Christmas is going to be quite the event at our house this year with two little boys added to the mix. The girls have started working on their Santa’s lists and FS1 has been pretty clueless. Recently though, as we’ve talked about Christmas we’ve begun to realize that Christmas here isContinue reading “Thru the Eyes of a Child”