NEWS – Turning a Corner

NEWS!  In this case is stands for North, East, West, South.  Direction!  It’s something I’m struggling with lately in regards to my blog. I’m in a rut and I feel a bit lost on which direction I should take my blog.  I want it to be in a place that makes me happy, because ultimately I need to be happyContinue reading “NEWS – Turning a Corner”

1001 Posts

This is blog post 1001. I didn’t realize I had hit the 1000th post mark when I posted yesterday, so the little quote I am now so fond of was more appropriate than I realized – Don’t Quit. I have stuck it out with my little blog for 6 1/2 years, although not all those yearsContinue reading “1001 Posts”

My Homestead Hubby

Although my blog isn’t totally dedicated to our homesteading/hobby farming hopes, dreams and plans, it has become a big part of my blog.  Some of my blog posts have come out of conversations hubby and I have had, but many of our conversations have never been shared out here.  My blog is about our journey thruContinue reading “My Homestead Hubby”