Texas Size

I’ve been Texas size busy the last few days, thanks to some Spring weather we’ve had.

On Sunday evening, storms moved thru the area and the severe weather sirens began.  We were hunkered down when we heard the skies tossing these our way.


Granted, we had a lot more than 3 hit our house.  At one point I asked, “Did that just break a window?”  The others sounded as if they were coming thru the roof.

When the storm finally passed, hubby walked thru the house checking the windows.  None were broken.  Then he went out to check on the vehicles.  By this time, it was dark outside and he didn’t see any damaged.  I went out later with more light in hand and found this.


Hubby’s windshield got hit by the Texas size hail.

About that time, our neighbor came out and told me her daughter’s car windshield had a lot of damage and as she shined her flashlight on hubby’s car, she found similar hail damage on the other side of his windshield.

The next day we were able to better inspect everything and we found several good-sized dents on both vehicles.  I found damage to the wood siding on our house and the roofing company found quite a bit of damage to our roof.  The majority of homes in our neighborhood now have roofing company signs in their yards.  Now we wait for our insurance company to do their estimates and then wait on the repairs to begin.

In the meantime, hubby is not able to drive his car because of the windshield damage and I was finally able to get an appointment to have a glass repair company come out to replace the windshield – next week.

Two nights later, another storm rolled thru the area.  This time, no hail, but we had some significant winds.  It was reported the next day that there was a tornado about about 2-3 miles from our house.  Fortunately, we didn’t sustain any additional damage to our home, but other homes in the area were hit and there were lots of trees and tree limbs down.

Fortunately, we’ve had a couple nice days since then, but now we wait for another round of storms to roll thru this weekend.

On the foster care front, someone from our foster care agency came over this afternoon and we signed the final documents necessary to get our foster care license.  As of this afternoon, the agency was still waiting on our homes study.  However, they are expecting it to be completed and sent any day now.  They anticipate we should be approved about a week later, so we are now in the home stretch.  I’m anxious to have this part done and begin the wait for a call.

On top of the weather and foster care excitement, I tackled Spring cleaning my coat closet.

Unlike Illinois, where most homes have basements, Texas homes do not.  So when a storm hits, we need to move to a room in the center of the home with no windows and one that is not on an outside wall.  In our home, that is our coat closet.  It is a deep closet and runs the length of our stairs, so plenty of room . . . . except when the closet is full of boxes, pictures, shoes and other miscellaneous items.  So when the storm sirens went off, hubby was frantically pulling things out of the closet so we could actually get into the closet.  The next day, I pulled everything out and began the process of finding new homes for the items that had taken up residence in the closet.

Once I had the closet empty, the girls decided the closet would make a great clubhouse.


Okay, I didn’t have quite everything out of the closet when this picture was taken, but it is now empty except for coats, stuffed animals, Barbie’s, pillows and other items the girls have moved into the “clubhouse.”  I was told that I would need the password to enter the closet.

The only problem they have had with their “clubhouse” is air flow.  Apparently, it gets a little stuffy in there which means their closet play time doesn’t last long typically.  I’m waiting for them to ask me for a fan next.  🙂

Needless-to-say, it’s been a crazy week in our world this week.  I’m keeping fingers crossed that any storms we get this weekend are not severe, but at least we have the “clubhouse” if things turn really bad.  ?!


Peaceful After the Storm

It’s so peaceful now. Something I couldn’t say 20 minutes ago. A storm raged thru and it seemed to go on and on and on. I’m really not sure how long it lasted, but I’m quite sure it was approaching an hour.

Rain ☔

It rained hard.

Lightning ⚡  

Bright flashes of light and a booming thunder. 

Then the hail came. Not once. Not twice. And then I lost count.

First Naomi came into my bed. The storm eventually woke Lili and she climbed into bed with me. Soon after, FS1 was nearly at a run, scared to be alone in his room. Three kids in my bed with me. Only FS2 sleeping thru the flashing and noise.

It’s peaceful after the storm. No rain falling. The storm gone, at least for now.

I lay here thinking of my day, longing for more sleep, but soon it will be time to start the day. A day that marks a milestone. The day FS2 has officially been with us longer than he was with his dad and mom.

It’s peaceful after the storm.
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It’s stuff I read about and watch on the news coming out of Oklahoma or Kansas in the spring, not Central Illinois in the fall. Yet today I can’t stop looking at the photos and watching video of  the storms that ripped thru this area yesterday. Tornados destroying neighborhoods only 30 miles to the north.

The winds picked up and our power went out. Nothing to distract us inside, so we got to work cleaning, de-cluttering and hubby hanging new mini blinds on the windows. The winds got stronger and stronger. The rain began to fall and we heard thunder. We watched the sky, but never saw dark clouds so we continued with our tasks.

That evening, as the sun began to set we were still without power. I knew from text message from friends that there were tornados in the area that morning, but had no idea what had happened.   Not until that evening when hubby headed out to find a gas station with power so we could get the generator going. On his drive he turned on the radio and began to text me the news.  I immediately started thinking of the friends living in these areas and had no idea if they were okay.

Today we have power once more.  Our family was spared and for that I’m thankful.  I’m still waiting to hear from some friends, but those I have heard from are okay.  Horrible damage to their homes with a long road of clean-up and rebuilding ahead, but they are okay.