Rainy Days and Sunday

And now I find myself singing The Carpenters Rainy Days and Mondays. For those of you who have no idea who The Carpenters are, here you go. Years before moving to Texas, we heard much about the drought.  Since moving to Texas, we’ve seen more than our fair share of rain.  Last weekend was stormsContinue reading “Rainy Days and Sunday”

Varied Interests

Reading thru past blog posts, it is very clear that I have three primary interests . . . . . Children/Family Travel Gardening I lump children and family together, but could also add adoption and foster care into this group.  Adoption brought Lili and Naomi into my life.  They are my children and therefore myContinue reading “Varied Interests”

Get This Garden Started

With some containers purchased, it was time to get this garden started. We now have two tomato plants started. I want to purchase a couple of plant dolly’s so I can easily move them if necessary. Three hanging baskets of strawberries. I promise there are strawberry crowns planted in those baskets.  I’m hoping hubby canContinue reading “Get This Garden Started”

Where Does Your Garden Grow

I’m thinking a Botany class should be part of our homeschool program this year 😉   No soil necessary.  It’s the hallmark of hydroponic gardening, plants held in place while their roots dangle in nourishing water. IKEA is using is mass marketing capabilities to bring this, newly miniaturized, technology to the masses.  It is withContinue reading “Where Does Your Garden Grow”

What it Has. What is Doesn’t Have.

Maybe I shouldn’t be getting so carried away with plans for our Tuscany home, but it’s hard not to. My visit to the house during the inspection put my mind in hyper-planning mode. I’ve already begun to map out projects and the order in which they need to be done. I’m scouring the internet lookingContinue reading “What it Has. What is Doesn’t Have.”

Garden Lessons for 2015

What have I learned from gardening this year? Too much rain in the spring and early summer don’t equal a great crop of tomatoes in the summer. Having a toddler who doesn’t find playing the garden fun, makes gardening almost impossible. Too much rain + toddler = Weed Fest 2015 Heirloom tomatillos planted in 2014Continue reading “Garden Lessons for 2015”

From RV’s to Birthdays to World Naked Gardening Day

A couple of days ago I blogged about our new RV.  Yesterday my post was about Lili’s birthday.  Today, will be a different topic altogether. My blog is becoming quite diverse I suppose.  Maybe there is interest in stopping by for a visit just to see what in the world I might be writing aboutContinue reading “From RV’s to Birthdays to World Naked Gardening Day”

An Upcoming Visit to the Farmy

As we venture out to the world of RV ownership and travel, I still hold onto the hope that  one day things will work out for us to own our own little homestead.   We still strive to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle, by raising our own food.  We are fortunate to have the space forContinue reading “An Upcoming Visit to the Farmy”