RV Options

For those who followed our move from Illinois to Texas, you know that we lived in our RV full-time while waiting for our house in Illinois to sell.  The Class A RV we had, while great for travel was not great for full-time living.


As a result, we traded it in on a large 5th wheel.

We purchased the 5th wheel knowing we would be living in it for 1 or more years.  After all, we had a house to sell back in Illinois and the housing market back there wasn’t very good at all.  It didn’t matter that we didn’t have a truck to tow it with, because we would be living in it, not traveling with it.  So we made the purchase and arrangements to have it delivered to our space at the RV park.

We had hired a couple of people to do some work on our house back in Illinois before putting it on the market and the purchase of the 5th wheel was complete when our realtor was finally able to list our house.  Three days later we got the call that someone had put in an offer on the house.  It was a good offer that we accepted and we found ourselves in the position of now owning a 5th wheel with the option of being able to purchase a sticks and bricks home in Texas.

They say hindsight it 20/20 and in this case, it may have made a bit more sense to wait until after our house was listed before purchasing a different RV.  However, we all make decisions based on the information we have on hand and our information lead us to believe our house really would not sell quickly and certainly not as quickly as it did.

We lived in the 5th wheel for about 5 1/2 months before closing on our house here in Texas and after getting some warranty work done, we moved her to a storage facility.  There she sits, unused 😦

Now that we are feeling settled in our new home, hubby and I have begun having conversation about what we do with her.  It doesn’t make sense to make payments on something we are unable to use.  We could go out and buy a truck to pull her with, but she takes a pretty good-sized truck and neither hubby or I want to drive that big of a truck around on a regular basis.  Plus, we’ll likely be adding a couple foster kids to our household in the not too distant future.  Putting six people in the cab of a truck, while doable, isn’t a great idea in our book.  I really don’t like the idea of a child in the front seat and that would be our only option.

So, we nixed the idea of buying a truck to keep the 5th wheel and decided to hit the Dallas RV Show over the weekend in an effort to make a decision on an RV.

We left the RV show without making a decision.  At least not a final decision.

After looking at some Class C’s and a couple of Class A’s, we decided that a travel trailer probably made the most sense.  Maybe something we can tow with our Suburban.  Now it’s a matter of determining exactly how much our Suburban can pull.  Or will it make more sense to get a heavy-duty van that can more easily pull a travel trailer?  A van would certainly be more comfortable for two adults, four kids and three dogs, but we’re just not sure what would be best at this point.  At least we can begin looking into all of this and will hopefully find something that works well for our family so we can get back into camping.  After all, unlike Illinois, camping in Texas is a year-round event and we should take advantage of that.  Plus, camping helps fill my travel bug 🙂





Beautiful Weekend

Labor Day!  The end of summer and beginning of autumn.

We headed out late Friday afternoon for a campground near our home.  It was our first time camping there and it was HOT!!!  It felt like we were in mid-summer heat, but we toughed it out and spent a lot of time outside and even built fires in the evenings.  Camping without a campfire just doesn’t feel right no matter the temperature 🙂

One evening, Lili and I put FS2 in the stroller and took a walk around the campground.  As we walked by the lake, I stopped to enjoy this beautiful view.


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I don’t often behold beauty in Central IL, but this sunset was certainly beautiful to me.

I hope all of you had a beautiful weekend!

Another Camping Weekend

We headed back to Fox Ridge outside Charleston, IL.

We’ve visited some nice campgrounds this year, but Fox Ridge may be my favorite so far.

It’s a wooded state park and all the campsites are separated by trees, shrubs, vines and other foliage. It’s quiet, peaceful and beautiful.

The girls and I left the guys at the RV and went on a short hike to enjoy more of the park.










We hope to go back to Fox Ridge in October before the end of camping season.   Cool days, cooler nights, colorful leaves and warm fires.  Can’t wait!

Trying Out Campgrounds

Since returning from our trip to North Carolina, we’ve been able to check out some other campgrounds.

Like Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Campground at Pine Lakes.

It has a nice lake for fishing and swimming, including water inflatables.  The swimming pool was the highlight for us though.  Of the campgrounds we’ve visited so far, it was by far the nicest.

The playground has obviously been updated and was a hit with the kids, as was the jumping pillow.

The roads thru the campground are in desperate need of work.  They are very uneven with tons of ruts and potholes.  The campsites, while nice, are narrow which makes it difficult for larger RV’s.  We had to ask the neighbor across the road to move his truck so we could get into our space and he had to move again so we could get out.  Not convenient for anyone.  However, the spaces have nice shade, with picnic tables and fire pits.


Also, it’s a hike to get to the office/store.  Since they didn’t offer delivery of any supplies, having some form of transportation to carry needed supplies back to the campsite should be considered by anyone staying there.  Unless you get one of the pull-thru sites near the entrance.

Our space was a short walk to the dog park, which was a nice treat for our dogs


and the large grassy area behind our campsite is nice for playing Frisbee, catch, or giving kids a place to run off some energy.


We introduced the girls to Jiffy Pop.

DSC_0483 DSC_0482

I highly recommended having fun glow sticks on hand.  They are quite entertaining before turning in for the night.

DSC_0003 DSC_0005 DSC_0013 DSC_0014

Jellystone at Pine Lakes will stay on our list of places to camp in the future

Last weekend we headed to the Richmond, IN KOA.  We were invited by a fellow Guat adoptive family who were going to be there with a camping group.  Unfortunately, the other family had to cancel due to some significant storm damage to their RV during a previous camping trip.  Since we want to check out different locations, we kept our reservation and headed east.

We had read reviews of the campground before the trip and found the #1 complaint was the noise from I-70.

Yes, you could certainly hear the traffic on the Interstate, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as we had anticipated.  While it was part of the background noise, it wasn’t distracting for us.  Unless, you were playing miniature golf.  The little golf course is at the campground entrance and when hubby and the girls returned from their game, I was informed that they needed to yell so they could hear each other over the traffic noise.  Still, they had fun.

WP_20150816_10_04_16_Pro WP_20150816_10_04_31_Pro

The campsites were nice and most were pull-thrus, which I love.


The pool at the campground was small, but in the opinion of my children, any pool that is usable is a good pool.

There is a pond for fishing and a big sand pit for the kids to play in.  However, the majority of the time they spent playing at the playground.  It was a short walk and we could easily see them from our campsite.

While we wouldn’t specifically make a drive to stay at the Richmond KOA, we would certainly return with a group or as a stop-over.


Georgette and the Great Southeast Adventure – Part 5

We woke up to another beautiful day and it was clear that we would be spending the majority of our day at the campground.  There was swimming to be done, but the bigger reason was LAUNDRY!  The amount of laundry six people can accumulate in 5 days is amazing.  All that laundry in approximately 300 square feet is crazy.  So I headed out in   search of the campground laundry facilities.  I walked thru the campground, over the parking lot, past the pool and found the laundry room.  Boy was I glad we still had the rental vehicle!   I had two full laundry bags that needed attention and they were heavy.  It would not have been fun dragging them to the laundry room.  It was also in that moment I decided I would invest in a collapsible wagon.

I’m quite sure there are more RV trips in our future that will require doing some laundry. Having something to haul those heavy bags in seems like a good investment and as I was doing laundry I began to think of other uses for this wagon – carrying small children, carrying pool towels and toys, loading and unloading the RV at home.  The ideas just kept coming.

But enough about my need/want/desire for a folding wagon.

After some time at the pool and with clean laundry put away, we decided to grab some dinner and pick up some needed grocery items.

We found a Mexican restaurant not too far from the campground –  La Poblanita.  It got some high ratings and having eaten there, I would agree that rating is well deserved.  Even being short staffed, they provided good service and the food was awesome!

I didn’t get many pictures of our day.  After all, no one wants to see our dirty laundry 🙂  However, I did take some pictures during dinner.


I love this picture of Lili, although she was very uncomfortable smiling and had been uncomfortable for a few days.  She had two canker sores in her mouth which caused her lips to swell quite a bit.  This made eating and drinking quite difficult.  She had never had such bad canker sores before and I felt terrible for her.  Fortunately, they started getting better the next day.


Naomi and hubby!  She is quite a cuddle bug and especially loves cuddling with her daddy.

Our day was done and while it wasn’t necessarily an exciting day, I found myself enjoying the RV more and more each day.  Yes, Georgette got a bit crowded with 6 people and 3 dogs, but she was comfortable and cozy.  She felt like home and I went to bed loving our traveling home.

Georgette and the Great Southeast Adventure – Part 3

On Day 3 of our adventure we ate breakfast, dressed cool for hot weather and headed out for a day at Carowinds theme park.

We had taken Lili and Naomi to Disneyland several years ago, but being so young, Naomi remembers nothing of the trip and Lili has only vague memories.  This would be their first memorable theme park visit and we were all looking forward to the day ahead.

The park was not far at all from the campground.  For a matter-of-fact, we had a view of the park from our camp space.


However, the entrance was just over a mile away.  Instead of walking, we took advantage of the shuttle service offered to those staying at the campground.

What I didn’t realize about Carowinds until shortly before our visit there, is the fact it is built on the North Carolina and South Carolina state lines.  So as we walked into the park, we stepped one foot in North Carolina and one foot in South Carolina.



Staying at the campground also allowed us to enter the park 30 minutes prior to opening to the general public.  This allowed hubby an opportunity to ride the Fury 325.


For a matter-of-fact, when entering the park, you walk under this roller coaster and after watching it, I was absolutely convinced that I would NOT be on the Fury 325 at any point during our visit.

If you want to get a better idea of what this roller coaster is like, feel free to watch this . . . .

We had a thrilling morning at the park.


Lili got to experience her first big roller coaster ride.


We took a break for some Dippin Dots.


Enjoyed some rides in Planet Snoopy.


And with the heat index in the 100’s, we decided to head back to the campground for a cool down, some lunch and naps before heading back to the park for an evening of more rides and souvenirs.


As we returned to the campground, Georgette awaited us with refreshing showers and soft beds for the night.

It was a good day!!!


Georgette and the Great Southeast Adventure – Part 1

I had a wonderful plan in place.

First, I would take a lot of pictures along the way.  Then, after the kids were in bed, I would post about each day’s adventure.

It really was a wonderful plan, but I took far fewer photos than I had hoped and none of the campgrounds had great Wi-Fi.

For now, Georgette now sits in the driveway, recovering from her Great Southeast Adventure.  I’ve spent the week getting laundry done and preparing for our weekend away.  This time a closer-to-home adventure, but I wanted to at least share Day 1 of Georgette’s Great Southeast Adventure with you.  After all, I’m sure you’ve all been checking in daily hoping to read the exciting story 🙂

Wait no more . . . . .

We were loading the last of our supplies shortly before 6 a.m. and by 6:15 the kids were buckled in their seats and the dogs were in their travel crates when hubby took his place behind the wheel.  He turned the key and Georgette’s engine began to purr.  She doesn’t have a quiet, gentle purr.  Instead, she purrs loudly letting us know she’s ready to travel.  Hubby raised the levelers while I did a final walk-around to make sure all basement compartments were closed and locked, then made my way to the end of the driveway.  My job was to make sure there were no vehicles coming and then direct hubby out into the street.

With Georgette safely backed out of the driveway, I took my place in the passenger seat and we headed toward the highway.   This is when we discovered a problem.

Georgette’s generator wouldn’t start.

Georgette has air-conditioning in the cab, but it’s not enough to cool the living quarters and that is where the kids and dogs were riding.  If they were going to stay cool on the trip, we needed generator power while on the road and we didn’t have that.  Had Georgette let us down so early in the trip?  Since we would be traveling thru 90+ degree temperature, this truly was a problem that needed to be solved.  We had to make a stop to fill the fridge and that would give hubby a chance to check the fuses.  This would be an easy fix and if it didn’t solve the problem, we weren’t sure what we would do.

While I quickly wheeled the cart thru the grocery store picking up fruits, veggies and lunch food for the road, hubby was checking fuses and trying to get the generator running.

I returned, opened Georgette’s door only to discover her generator still wasn’t working.  What would we do?

Obviously, the next step was pulling out the Owner’s Manual.  Within a few seconds I discovered the problem wasn’t Georgette or her generator.  It was inquisitive FS2 who had turned a switch to the Off position when we weren’t looking.  Once it was turned back on, the generator started right up and we made our way to the Interstate and headed east.

We drove for a few hours looking at field after field of corn and soybeans.  Farms, towns and small cities were scattered about, but overall, it was a view we saw every time we left our small town for any destination within the Central Illinois area.

Finally, we got to Indianapolis and Georgette took us in a southward direction to Kentucky.  Finally, a change of scenery.  The flatlands were replaced with hills, which got bigger and bigger the further south we travelled.  The corn and soybeans fields disappeared and were replaced with rocks and trees.  Suddenly, our trip was much more visually appealing and we enjoyed looking out over the beautiful landscape.


Georgette had been used to driving over the flatlands of Illinois and we didn’t know how she would handle the hills.  She revved her engine and pulled her way up each hill then cruised down the other side.  Any concerns we had disappeared as she tacked each hill beautifully.

By dinnertime, we were pulling into our camp space at the Renfro Valley KOA.  The kids were excited to get out and burn off some energy in the pool.  I also realized just how nice it was to have Georgette.  It took us (primarily hubby) just a few minutes to level her, plug-in the power, get us hooked up to water and put out the slides.  Since our clothes were already in drawers and closets, there was no need to unload suitcases and cart them to a hotel room for the night.  We were soon dressed into our swimsuits and making our way to the pool for a splashing good time.

After the pool, we got something to eat and then took the kids to the playground for a little while before we all settled in for a good’s night sleep.  After all, we had another full day of travel ahead and we needed rest.