New Year, New Curriculum

Every once in awhile, I feel it is necessary to try some new curriculum.  Since we’re in the new year, I figured there is no time like the present. Honestly, the curriculum isn’t new to us.  We tried it a couple years ago, but for personal reasons, decided to go back to what we wereContinue reading “New Year, New Curriculum”

Some Homeschool Etiquette

by Deborah Markus, from Secular Homeschooling, Issue #1, Fall 2007 1 – Please stop asking us if it’s legal. If it is — and it is — it’s insulting to imply that we’re criminals. And if we were criminals, would we admit it? 2 – Learn what the words “socialize” and “socialization” mean, and useContinue reading “Some Homeschool Etiquette”

Our Geography Project Begins

First of all, I want to give a big thanks to all my readers who have provided us information that will assist us in our summer geography lesson. Currently, we have 21 locations from around the world. What started out as a simple geography lesson will turn into a geography, history, science, arts and craftsContinue reading “Our Geography Project Begins”

Letting Go of Old Ideas

For me, one of the hardest parts of homeschooling has been letting go of my past public school experiences.  I am referring to the tendency I have to want to re-create a school-like atmosphere here at home. At the same time, that’s not really what I want because homeschooling is so much more than that. IContinue reading “Letting Go of Old Ideas”