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Showers for the Homeless

Live FRESH Mobile Shower -SunSentinel video

Two men in Florida have debuted a huge air-conditioned trailer outfitted with six shower stalls to help lift the self esteem and happiness of the homeless community in West Palm Beach.

Chris Bentley and Carlos Miller, African-Americans living in the city who have been friends since middle school, started the nonprofit called Live FRESH (Feeling Revitalized Encourages Sustainable Happiness) which now serves showers to hundreds of transients in the area.

Inside the tractor trailer on wheels are all the towels, toiletries, and supplies—including sanitary napkins—to maintain the hygiene of all who need help.

“To see a human being—living in the United States, of all countries—walk inside a store with apprehension over being shunned or offensive due to their odor or disheveled state grabbed at the core of my heart,” said Miller, the visionary leader of the project.

Launched in April in coordination with local homeless shelters, the services provided by this mobile facility have already restored dignity to people who were able to find a job and get back on their feet.

Jeanne L. says that because of Live FRESH she is a “productive member of society again.”

Other cities, like San Francisco with the Lava Mae project, are benefiting from nonprofits who have converted large vehicles in the same noble cause. And, a pair of friends in Australia created mobile laundry facilities to take the cause of cleanliness one step further.

(WATCH a video below from the Sun Sentinel) –Photo: Sun Sentinel news video

Friends Convert Tractor Trailer into Six Modern Showers for Florida Homeless (WATCH)




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Where Does Your Garden Grow

I’m thinking a Botany class should be part of our homeschool program this year😉


No soil necessary.  It’s the hallmark of hydroponic gardening, plants held in place while their roots dangle in nourishing water.

IKEA is using is mass marketing capabilities to bring this, newly miniaturized, technology to the masses. 

It is with the idea that it should be affordable to grow your own food.  An aspiring gardener can suit up and get to it, even in a high-rise apartment building, for around $50.

The system is a basic grow tray with small pods to put your seeds in.  Once seeded, keep an eye on the water level and make sure they get enough light.  You’ll have veggies soon.

One of the scientists that worked with IKEA to help create the hydroponic system is Helena Karlén, lecturer at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.  She reveals the challenge “to make growing plants in a hydroponic system simple, so that anyone could succeed,” adding, “we were also very interested, not only that they grow, but also the taste… they should taste good, very good actually.”

Vertically farming vegetables and living in the city just got synergistic on the cheap.

**Published – Beta Minds**

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Teachers Want Kids to Be Happy

I suppose this post could be seen as happy and uplifting about as easily as it could be seen as frustrating.  After all, I’m comparing schools in one country to schools in another.  However, as a homeschool mom, I find this information fascinating and motivating.  Instead of worrying so much about how much time my girls spend with their noses in the books, I’m motivated to provide them more time to play and explore.


A quick search provided even more positive information about Finland’s school system.

Like an article published by Education Week teacher, which you can read here.

Or an article published by NPR you can read here.

Scholastic also published an article you can read here.

I found article after article that talked about the success of Finland schools and how much can be learned from that model.  A model that I will strive to emulate as best I can in our homeschool environment.

Good job Finland!!!


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Happy Song

What a treat for Denny’s customers and now a treat for the rest of us.

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Colorful Kindness

Delight in this gorgeous animation designed for children and adults alike by ‘A Better World’. The film portrays how small acts of kindness can positively change the feelings and attitudes of others and how naturally this will spread, grow and flourish within our communities and beyond. The Better Worldian’s strategy is to plant flowers instead of pulling weeds, cultivating the goodness in everybody, so we can all make it a better world.


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Running With the Dogs

Members of the St. Joseph High School cross-country team in California invited more than a dozen shelter dogs to accompany them on their morning run this week.

Each teammate was paired with a dog from the Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter before heading out for a long run as one big happy group.

high school cross country team takes shelter dogs for run“I am not sure who was more excited and having the most fun … the dogs or the kids,” coach Luis Escobar said. “Either way, it was a great time and I am sure we will do it again sometime soon.”

Hopefully this becomes a regular thing, and that it inspires other schools to try it out, too.


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