Do You See What’s Missing?

‘ Do you notice anything different? It might be a little hard to tell because we’ve been waiting so long it doesn’t necessarily appear that anything is missing.  But there is something a little different about Naomi. This evening, she came over and said, “Mom, this just came out of my mouth”.  In her hand wasContinue reading “Do You See What’s Missing?”

A Child’s View As We Get Ready

We are inching closer to RV ownership and the excitement grows.  Apparently, Naomi is more excited that I knew. A few days ago she said,  “I love RV’s.  I love sleeping in them and camping.” Funny thing is, she has never slept in an RV and she’s never been camping.  Somehow she just knows she’sContinue reading “A Child’s View As We Get Ready”

Should Have Known

When I was a little girl, the church we attended had a toy farm set.  I loved playing with those toys.  I would set up the fences, carefully place all the farm animals where they belonged and pretended to be the farmer. Guess I should have known that one day I would want my ownContinue reading “Should Have Known”

The Start to Our Weekend

We had some big outdoor plans on tap for the weekend and since Sunday is calling for storms, today was our day to get as much of it done as possible. My primary goal was getting all my cool weather vegetables in the ground.  It really has been cool here, unseasonably cool.  Of course theContinue reading “The Start to Our Weekend”