Puzzle Master and Sickies

Lili was introduced to her first puzzle by her Aunt Susan and she has loved doing puzzles ever since. I was really impressed when she completed her first 12-piece puzzle several months ago. However, I think she’s out done herself this time.

Here she is putting in one of the last few pieces of her US map puzzle.

And here is her finished puzzle.This is a 50-piece puzzle, just completed by a not quite yet 2 1/2 year old.

I think we’ll start working on the names and capitals of each state next 🙂

Dave came home from Seattle with a bad cold and not so very long ago he also commented on just how healthy Lili has been for the last 1 1/2 years. Guess who has had the sickies now for the last 4 days? Yep, Lili. Although she never acted like she felt sick the first 2 days, it was apparent she had some sort of bug. She would suddenly say, “Mommy, potty, potty, potty” and we would run to the bathroom making it just in time to avoid any soiled underpants (I assume everyone can figure out what I’m talking about here). She also wasn’t eating very well the first 2 days. Then yesterday the runny nose started and she would feel warm one minute and the next minute she didn’t feel warm at all. Last night she didn’t sleep well and when I say she didn’t sleep well I mean she was up for about 4 1/2 hours last night. Not crying, not upset, but also not sleeping. She’s had a fever and her nose is constantly running, but she still doesn’t act like she’s really feeling bad and she is eating better today. She especially liked one part of her dinner tonight.

The girl likes watermelon!

Other than being sick when we brought her home in March, 2008 and having a throat and ear infection about a week later, she truly has been healthy and we’re very thankful for that.


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