Fun Festival

A benefit of living in a large metro area, is having a plethora of things to do.  It’s especially fun when one of those activities are almost in your back yard.

About a block behind our house is a park.  This park has four baseball fields), a play ground, pond, and dog parks.  It sits adjacent to one of the public schools so there is a foot ball field and soccer field as well.

We have spent quite a bit of time at the playground since moving here, but last weekend was a festival which is held annually in the park.  Last year it was cancelled due to weather, but this year the weather cooperated (although it was hot and humid).

It is the Lion’s Club Balloon Festival and was a nice little outing for our family.

They had bounce houses and a little farm animal petting zoo for the kids.  There were several food and merchandise vendors.  Live bands played thru the weekend and there was a little train ride (of sorts) for the kids as well.

It was my first time ever being this close to so many hot air balloons and as the sun went down, the balloons were inflated and put on a light show for spectators.

Since we could easily walk to the festival, it was kind of hard to pass up the opportunity to go and I look forward to going back again next year.


Balloon flying by Saturday morning.


Naomi getting ready to take off on the kid’s train ride.  Lili and our foster son went too, but since I can’t put picture of him here, I won’t be able to post that photo.  


Balloon flying over the festival Saturday evening.


Balloon Glow!!!  It was quite a show.
I loved the reflection of the balloons in the little pond.  The ducks swam around enjoying the show as well.







A Day at the Perot

My family and I visited the Perot Museum in Dallas during members-only hours over the weekend.  They have a new exhibit – Maya:  Hidden World Revealed.

Having a daughter of Mayan decent, we were especially interested and excited to see the exhibit and it was well worth the visit.

The exhibit will be at the Perot thru September 4th and I’m sure we will be visiting it again before it moves on to another museum.

Varied Interests

Reading thru past blog posts, it is very clear that I have three primary interests . . . . .




I lump children and family together, but could also add adoption and foster care into this group.  Adoption brought Lili and Naomi into my life.  They are my children and therefore my family.  Foster care has also been a big part of my life and the children who have come into my life because of foster care are very important to me.  Hubby, my children, extended family, foster children and friends who I consider family are so very important in my life.


Travel!  I adore travel and everything about it from planning to new experiences.  Without travel, I feel like something is missing in my life.

Image result for travel

Gardening is my hobby.  I am in my happy place when my hands are in the soil.  I enjoy the planting a seed and get excited when I see the first signs of life emerge thru the soil.  Picking my first ripe fruit or vegetable gives me a thrill.  Seeing bumblebees and butterflies fly from flower to flower puts a smile on my face.  I get excited about exploring and trying new gardening techniques or growing something for the first time.


(It was windy when I took this picture.)

What are your interests?



Anniversary Week

It was 9 years ago on this day, March 20th, that we anxiously sat in the lobby area of our Guatemala hotel awaiting the arrival of Lili’s foster family.  It was this day that they very tearfully handed Lili over to us – her forever family.

Two years later, on March 16th, we drove thru the orphanage gates with Naomi in our arms.  A very different experience from the one two years earlier.  Another baby girl placed in the arms of her forever family.

Lili is now 9 years old and Naomi is 7.  Hubby and I feel so very grateful that these two beautiful little girls call us daddy and mommy.


These pictures capture the smiles of two beautiful little girls, each with very different personalities.

Lili loves art, reading, swimming and her dog Jagger.

Naomi loves watching movies, playing with her toys, dressing up and her acting class.

However, they are so much more than art and movies.  Having them join our family are two of the very best decision we’ve ever made.






Last night was popcorn and movie night in the World of Weeks and for the first time we viewed the movie “Trolls.”

Image result for the movie trolls

This movie expressed very well, how life’s circumstances can cause us to be forever grateful or forever gloomy and fearful.  It was also a good lesson in how one person can change the life of another.

I have a feeling that the lessons learned from “Trolls” will be discussed in our house for weeks to come.

And now onto preparations for our cruise, which leaves in 7 days!!!!