Thankful for Friends and Family

There are things that happen in life that cause me to be especially thankful for the people in my life.  Over the last couple of days, some very special people in my life shown a great deal of love and compassion.  For that, I’m truly thankful. We are spending a quiet day at home.  Okay,Continue reading “Thankful for Friends and Family”

As Mother’s Day Approaches

Those who are on Facebook are familiar with the little reminders that pop up on an almost daily basis.   This time of the year, many are likely receiving reminders of Mother’s Day posts from years past. For many, Mother’s Day isn’t all roses and breakfast in bed.  It’s happiness and sadness intertwined. Here isContinue reading “As Mother’s Day Approaches”

Shake up Christmas

Many years ago, hubby worked for a little company called Boeing :-).  One of his co-workers live on a small yacht on Puget Sound and invited his co-workers to come to his yacht for a Christmas party. During the party, he took his boat out to parade with all the other boats decked out for Christmas. Continue reading “Shake up Christmas”

Blast From the Past

Facebook is good about posting reminders for posts past and today I was reminded of a time, four years ago, when I took my girls in to get professional photos taken for Christmas.  It’s a day I will always fondly remember. Neither of the girls were being very cooperative.  One of them didn’t want her pictureContinue reading “Blast From the Past”