Lili’s First Field Trip

Lili has been going to pre-school for about a month now and today they went on their first field trip to Rader Family Farms.

This farm is visible from an Interstate that I’ve traveled many, many times and I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I’ve never ever noticed it was there before today.  If you look at the website, you’ll see a picture of a silo with a huge orange pumpkin on top and still, I’ve never noticed this farm until today. 

Lili wanted me to go with her on the field trip, so Naomi and I tagged along.  After being there today, I can honestly say that we’ll be going back.  It was fun and is only about 15 miles from our house.  That’s a big bonus. 

I enjoyed being at the farm today, but Lili also had a great time. She got to ride a school bus; went on a hay rack ride out to the pumpkin patch and picked her own pumpkin to bring home; got to feed the goats, pet a donkey and some baby pigs; chase chickens around the farm; take a ride the ladybug train; jump on the inflatable hill; and have lunch with her friends.

Just arriving at Rader Family Farms

Finding the perfect pumpkin

Having fun on the inflatable hill

Taking a ride on the ladybug train.

A very nice first field trip indeed.


  1. What a fun time! We take our kinderkids to the pumpkin patch each year, but it isn't quite that fun (no animals for one thing). I love seeing the pics!

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