Day 28

My goal for the week was a 2 lb weight loss.  I was sure I could and would reach that goal so I was psyched for a great week with good results.

This morning I stepped on the scale, not sure I had reached my goal, but expecting at least a 1 lb loss.  I discovered that I only managed to lose .4 lbs since last week.  Really?!!!!  I know I had some days that I only had 1 shake instead of 2, but I tried to eat sensibly.  Of course maybe my guacamole burger yesterday wasn’t the best choice, but I didn’t eat the whole thing, missed my morning snack, did more walking and ate a small dinner.

Okay, so maybe I didn’t always make the best choices this week, but I made more good choices than I did bad choices and expected to see a more successful week.

When trying to lose weight, any lower number on the scale is a good thing and I’m happy with my .4lb weight loss because I’m still losing and the ultimate goal is to lose weight and get to a healthy weight for me.

I, like many others, tend to measure my weight loss successes and/or failures by the numbers on the scale, but when I started this challenge I took my measurements so I could measure my success in other ways.  My clothes are fitting more loosely, so I expect to see a bigger difference on the scale each week.  I’m also taking in more protein, eating a more balanced diet and I have started putting more movement into my day, so maybe the scale wasn’t giving me a true picture of my overall success.

Not only have I lost a total of 9.6 lbs since I started the challenge, but I’ve also lost a total of 8 inches since starting the challenge.  The scale hasn’t been showing me the total picture, but an 8 inch loss is giving me a more accurate picture of the success I’m getting on this challenge and I’m very happy with that.  I’m losing weight at a rate that is easier to maintain and I don’t just want to lose weight this time, I want to lose the weight, keep it off and be healthy.

The next week may be my most challenging so far as I have a lot on my plate and a lot of time away from home.  Still, I’m shooting for another 2 lb weight loss this week and I’m going to start checking my measurements once a week to better determine my success.

Here’s hoping I have another successful week.



  1. You are doing GREAT! Inches are more inmportant than that pesky scale number. Clothing fitting is your true measure AND how you feel. Don’t get trapped by the numbers, go with what you know: you are making good choices, you are feeling better, you are getting more exercise. THAT is what’s important. I am SO very proud of you!

    • Thank you for all your support Meg! It’s easy to use the scale as a means of measuring success, but there are many other ways to measure a successful weight loss and health challenge. I just need to learn to rely on more than the scale.

  2. You are doing great! At least you are “doing something” and losing, unlike this “bump on a log” over here, in Canton! I am hoping that by reading of your success, it will, at some point, encourage me to jump on the bandwagon! Good Luck, next week! I know my holiday weekend will be filled with eating out and I will try to be good (who am I kidding?).

    Hugs! Debby

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