A Long Week

It’s been a long week of illness around here.

Naomi with a double ear infection.  Lili and I with possible pneumonia (we elected to not get a chest x-ray for verification).

Naomi is feeling a lot better.  Lili is feeling better.  I’m feeling marginally better.  Although not as good today as yesterday.  Maybe it’s the weather, which is now cloudy and cold, but after running errands this morning, we all hunkered down for a lazy day of movie watching, blogging, web surfing and napping.

On this cloudy and cold day, our little home on wheels has certainly felt cozy and that is just the way we like it.  None of us felt like doing much of anything and Georgette provided us nice warm accommodations during our laziness today.


Georgette’s days with us are now numbered and on January 20th, we will drive her away from the RV park and take her to the dealership.  All our belonging will be moved over to our new Oakmont (who desperately needs a name) which will then be delivered and set up back to the RV park.  Georgette, will hopefully find a new family soon who we hope will enjoy her as much as we have.

I’m a little sad to see Georgette go, but she now represents our past life.  That life included two little boys who shared her with us.  She was perfect for our little weekend camping trips and our longer vacations away from home.  Those kind of trips are not on the horizon now.  Life has changed in a big way.  As such, our needs have changed as well.  We no longer own a vacation home.  Our home on wheels is just that – our home.  We look forward to moving on to the Oakmont (who still needs a name) and are excited for the extra space.

In other news from the World of Weeks, we met up with a local homeschool group yesterday.  It was a chilly park day, so our visit wasn’t long, but it was nice to begin making some connections in the homeschool community here.

We also visited a local library and once I get my Texas driver’s license, we can get a library card.  We’ll really be established then 🙂

Other than being sick this week, things are still going well and I hope to get into a more regular blogging pattern once things settle down a little more and we can establish better internet connectivity.




  1. awwww. Sounds like you guys need a hug. I’m glad the girls are better, but are you on antibiotics and/or using homeopathic stuff? I think that it is so interesting that you and Lili opted not to get a chest x-ray. We miss you guys bunches. What direction are you going with a name?? love ya

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