Then and Now

Lili on our visit trip this time last year.

Lili now.

Lili then.

Lili now.

Lili then.Lili now.
What a difference a year makes and what a year it has been.


  1. Love the “then and now” pics. I cannot believe it has been a year since you met her…my how a year can change things. I hope you have (or are having) a fun time!Reba

  2. Wow, how quickly the time has passed. I remember looking at the photos of Lili at the time. It’s so fun to see the “old” photos of her next to the current ones and see the growth. Lovely!!

  3. It truly is amazing at the changes God can bring forth in your life in a year!!!You bettter be careful because that baby girl is getting more gorgeous by the year!!

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