One Year Ago Yesterday

We were on our way to Guatemala where we would meet and hold our daughter for the first time. I can remember the excitement we felt and with each leg of our journey that excitement grew. I remember arriving to the hotel and looking around in anticipation that Lili would already be there with her foster family. I remember going up to our room and the phone ringing a few minutes later telling us that Lili and her foster family had arrived. I remember wishing the elevator would move faster, then exiting the elevator to see Lili and her foster family approaching us. I remember tears welling up in my eyes as I saw her and held her for the very first time. I remember Dave holding her for the first time and seeing the love he felt for her grow. We built many wonderful memories on that trip and we will cherish those memories forever.

I wish I could post some pictures from that trip, but unfortunately they are on the computer that is currently not accessible because of the basement project. I will do my best to get them off the computer and posted over the next week though.

One year later we are getting ready to take a trip to Myrtle Beach and on that trip we will be reunited with at least two other families that were on their visit trips in Guatemala with us. We will again have an opportunity to build wonderful and lasting memories together, but this time we won’t be leaving without our children and that will be the best part of the trip for all of us.


  1. hi debbie… what a year this has been… i can’t believe it; how our lives have changed throughout this journey – i will never be the same again – this was a gift and an experience of a lifetime. i’m so lucky to have your family as friends for life and we get to see you again next week – can’t wait baby!!!!!

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