Highs and Lows

The last 8 or 9 days have been full of highs and lows.

While I can’t go into specific detail, I found out about a situation that has been pretty upsetting to me. A child was adopted by a family here in the U.S. and the family just needs to go pick up their child. However, there is strong indications that they have no intention of going to get their child and this child is most likely going to an orphanage now. With so many families “stuck in the system” in Guatemala who desperately want their children to come home, other families on wait lists to be matched with a birth mother domestically or referred a child Internationally, this situation makes me angry. But more than anything, I feel tremendous sadness for this child and the foster family that has so lovingly been providing care for this child. It’s just beyond comprehension for me.


Of course one of the highlights of the week was finding out our home study is headed to USCIS.
A family with our agency received devastating news when they were informed the little girl they were adopting had died from complications from the chicken pox.


Always on the “high” list is catching Lili moments on camera. At least it helps me take the sting out of the lows.

A few weeks ago, one of Lili’s aunts brought her a new puzzle. It’s my understanding that a 22 month old child should be able to complete puzzles as big as 6 pieces, but our little girl is able to complete her new 12 piece U.S. puzzle in record time. Here she is as she fits the last piece of the puzzle in it’s place.

Lili absolutely loves Jada and Lexie (our dogs). Sometimes they love Lili and other times they simply tolerate her. They obviously love her at meal time :-), but don’t necessarily enjoy having her lay on them. However, they sure look cute together and here’s proof.
Here’s hoping for only good news for awhile.


  1. If your pups sat any closer, they could easily lose Lili in their fur :). Your “lows” just break my heart. Congrats on getting the home study in!

  2. Ok those pics of lily and the doggies are too funny! Those are priceless. They should be your greeting cards! I cant believe the family that isnt picking up their child…I would think they are risking charges, if the child has their name now. Some people think aboption is fun, and when it isnt they want to bail. They shouldnt be parents anyway then. This bugs me….Glad you are getting closer to referral!

  3. THat is the cutest pic of Lili, I found a post that you posted the net, while researching about current adoption laws. We also adopted our son from Guatemala back in 2008 and boy has thing changed.My question for you if you don’t mind is do you know what countries are running as smoothly as possible at this time? Things have changed so much and we are open to the change, but it seems that most countries have closed their doors.Any help would be appreciated, I thought you might know more info because you are going through it currently?Thanks!DreTake a look at our family if you wish! Lili is too cute!

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