New Pictures


We didn’t get any medical updates, but I think you’ll all agree that she looks great!!

There really is going to be way too much cuteness in the Weeks’ house.

What size do you think she’s wearing now?


  1. Based on how much space she takes up in the seat compared to our son (he wore 6 mo when we came home) she has got to be in 0-3 mo sizes…she looks nice and healthy and so beautiful!

  2. there will definitely be way too much cuteness – OMG….. i can't even imagine… she is so cute. you guys are so blessed!!!! how exciting. and she looks so healthy too. not sure of her size though – i think they always look bigger in pictures, no?

  3. OH MY GOODNESS!!! HOW CUTE IS SHE???? I am in love 🙂 so happy for you ! btw~I have started using miss jessies "best darn curl cream" after baths then freshen with water in the a.m. and a touch more cream later after naps (hair has to be wet) love the smell an the way the curls are springy not hard or oily. hugs!

  4. What a precious little girl! Congratulations! She looks so happy her Mama is coming to get her soon 🙂 I would bring 0-3 month and 3-6 month clothes. That's what I did for Nyah and she wore a little of both.

  5. I would say 3-6 months also. One thing that we did not expect was how bundled up the babies were in ET. All week long, people (strangers) were coming up to us and covering Emme up. Even though it is about 70 degrees year round. Make sure you bring plenty of warms clothes for her. 🙂

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