Making Plans

If things stay on track this time, we should be holding Naomi one month from today. However, as most IA families know, things can always change and for us some recent changes pushed our travel plans back two weeks. For now we are making tentative plans, preparing for travel and waiting for confirmation that we have a March 8th Embassy date and can firm up our travel plans. There is certainly a lot of waiting during the adoption process and the closer it gets to travel time, the more difficult the wait becomes. I mean come on, did you see Naomi’s pictures? How could that not make her new mommy and daddy even more anxious to get to Ethiopia.

Again, I would like to thank all who have helped us out along the way. Many have sent words of encouragement throughout the process and others have helped us out financially by contributing to our fundraising efforts. We are grateful to have such wonderful friends and family that have traveled this journey with us.

Now we are coming to the end of the road and will soon have Naomi home. It’s so exciting and I’m very ready to be a full-time mommy to two little girls. Lili is also getting excited, although I think the majority of her excitement is about getting on a big airplane to go get Naomi. Hope she still feels that way after we’ve been in the air for a few hours. LOL!!!

Our Just Love Coffee Roasters storefront is only going to be open for another month. If there is anyone out here who would like to help us out by purchasing coffee or other products please do so before the end of the month. Click here to see the list of products and make a purchase.

In addition to making plans for our pick up trip, we are also making plans for our return home.

When we brought Lili home we told our friends and family to please not meet us at the airport and to please not come by to visit. We wanted to give Lili ample time to get used to us, her brothers and her new home in her new country. Granted she had been with us for just over a week by that point, but that’s not a lot of time and she was going through a lot of changes that a baby just can’t understand. We didn’t want to push her too far, too fast. We were home several weeks and then hosted a “Come Meet Lili” open house in our home. There were a lot of people anxious to meet her and we realized that it was difficult for them to wait, but we had to do what we felt was best for Lili and her adjustment. We did allow some family to come visit prior to the open house, but we limited the visits to avoid too much disruption in our new life together as a family. it was definitely the right thing to do and we will do the same thing for Naomi. Other than a few short visits from family, we want to give Naomi several weeks to get used to her new family and her new surroundings. Once we feel comfortable that she is adjusting well we will once again open our house and ask our friends and family to come “Meet Naomi.”

Don’t worry though, I’ll still blog when I can and will be posting tons of pictures of both my girls 🙂

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