Maybe the Drama Ends Today

Just a quick update to let everyone know that getting your Congressman’s office involved does help.

I received an email from USCIS this morning letting me know that our update would be cabled today.

I then contacted the immigration specialist at our Congressman’s office to let her know what was happening and this is the response I received:

I will be checking up with the National Visa Center today as well. The agency needs to be aware of our interest in your case, which should result in its prompt attention to your file.
We’ll be in touch as needed.

Apparently, the email from USCIS was prompted by contact from a U.S. Congressman’s office and at some point today the National Visa Center is going to hear from that same office. I think we may very well be leaving for Ethiopia on Saturday with everything in place.

Want to guess who is likely to get my vote next election?


  1. Fantastic news. It's amazing how centralizing this visa process leads to nothing but headaches. At least before we could call our local office and beg. Hope it all gets wrapped up tomorrow. Thank goodness you didn't just hope for the best and get on your flight.

  2. What is UP with USCIS!!! Very glad to hear good news though! I can't wait for you to get there..are you gonna blog, because I might just go insane wondering what's going on if you don't:)…

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