It Won’t Be Long

Naomi has been cruising around holding onto the furniture for several weeks now. Tonight she was in the kitchen using one of the cupboard doors as support, let go and very deliberately took two steps and then decided that was enough and plopped down to her bottom. A little later she scooted off my lap and again took two deliberate steps and then plopped again. What’s even more amazing is that she is cutting her molars and has been fussy and especially clingy since yesterday afternoon, so I was really shocked that she was interested in trying to take any steps at all considering the mood she’s been in. Now, if I would only have my camera ready when she decides to let go and take off walking, all would be good πŸ™‚


  1. Isn't that just the best thing? Dinke sort of forgets she can walk, and when she finds herself standing on her own or taking steps she still just gets so excited. Her mouth opens wide and she just giggles. I love it.

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