How Could I Forget?

For those who have been reading this week, you know that Lili and I went shopping for Naomi. A Toukoul family is traveling on Monday to pick up their little one and offered to take a care package to Naomi for us. Because it had to be mailed to the traveling family, I needed to get everything bought, bagged and in the mail so it would arrive this week. In my rush to get it to the post office, I neglected to take pictures of our purchases. Duh!!! However, thanks to the Internet, I was able to go out and find pictures of everything we bought. Yay!!!! I’m sure you are all excited to see what is heading to Naomi next week!!!!!!

The one item that I just had to send was a baby photo album. I found this photo album and put pictures of our family on each page.

Of course Naomi has to have some toys to play with and at 5 months old needs toys that are good for chewing. Here is what Lili helped me pick out for her baby sister.


Of course, every little girl needs her own phone.

We couldn’t just send photos and toys, she has to have a little sleeper from mommy and daddy. We also wanted something that would tell her how we feel.

The other item in the care package was a disposable camera, along with a note asking that the nannies use the camera to take pictures of Naomi over the next few months. The note further explained that we would pick up the camera when our adoption is final and we come to Ethiopia to pick her up. I have absolutely no idea if they will use the camera or not, but I just had to try.

I can’t wait until the day I’m able to put little sleepers on her myself and can watch her and Lili together playing with toys.

Speaking of Lili – Naomi preparations are going well. We regularly read “I’m a Big Sister” and talk about Naomi daily. While shopping for the care package, Lili kept telling me that the toys were for Naomi. Of course when Lili says Naomi is sounds like Mayo-mal. Apparently we need to work on that a little more. Also, we recently went through all Lili’s baby toys, cleaned them up and put them in a Rubbermaid container. This was a little difficult for Lili, but she quickly figured out that these toys were for her baby sister and that she could help Naomi play with them when she comes home. That was acceptable. The big thing now is when you ask Lili who her baby sister is and she tells you, “Mayo-mal.” Very cute and while there will certainly be some adjustment time, I think Lili is going to be a really good big sister.


  1. So sweet!Of course, the moment I saw the photo album I googled it and have been looking at them for when I get the call. I love that Naomi will be looking at her new family's faces soon, too!

  2. I love the Sassy photo book. They are a favorite with our kiddos. And the sleeper is adorable. So glad you are able to send something her way!

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