First of all, I want all my blog buddies to know that I have been reading your blogs as I have time. I know I haven’t left comments on most, but I’m celebrating with those who have recently passed court and will soon be leaving for Ethiopia to pick up their children; I’m sorry to hear that others of you are going through some rough patches right now; it’s been wonderful to see how well the children who recently arrived home are doing; I’ve also have some blog friends who are adopting from the Democratic Republic of Congo and it’s touching to know that more children will one day be meeting their new families; and as always, I enjoy seeing updated pictures of all the kids and families.

I’m going assume that all of you enjoy seeing updated pictures of Little Ms. Lili as well, so I’ll share some that I took a couple days ago.

She is now starting to pose a bit for the photos and then wants to see the picture immediately after I take it. I’m not sure she can have a future in modeling if she refuses to pose again until after she’s seen the picture that was just taken, but it’s fun having her actually do some posing for her pictures.

The child loves her milk or mulk as she calls it.

She actually put her cup down for this one and this was how she wanted to pose for the picture. I guess this is her pouty look.

And every portfolio has to have a close up. How cute is she?


  1. She is a cutie!! I am so jealous that you are finished potty training! With Daddy's new work schedule all the training has gone to pot–pardon my pun!!!

  2. Love the close up! I always enjoy pictures. Keep 'em coming. Oh, Joshua always wants to see the picture, sometimes before I have even taken them (because he is so wiggly)…back in our day, we would have had to wait for weeks to see the pictures!

  3. Debbie, thanks soooo much for sharing your struggle. I can not imagine what all you have gone thru but I love your spirit about helping Ryan grow independant. There are so many hurts being a parent, isnt' there?? Thanks for letting us in on the good and the frustrating – you have beautiful children. faith

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