Fun and Games at Our House

My blog truly has become a written record of my girl’s life, but I haven’t done a good job of keeping track of the little things.  In an attempt to get better at keeping track of all those things I don’t want to forget, here is one of hopefully many stories from the World of Weeks.

A few days ago, Lili wanted to play beach.  Having just come home from a cruise to the Bahamas where we spent some time at the beach, this game made perfect sense.  I spread a blue blanket out on the floor (the ocean) and got the girls beach towels.  Lili put on a pair of too small shorts and told me they were her swimming soup.  A little later she asked for a drink of Sprite which seemed appropriate for her beach game, but shortly after getting her drink  I noticed her pretending to pour Sprite out on her hands (it was in a cup with a lid and straw).  She told me she was putting on her sun scream.   Eventually she said she needed air and it took awhile to figure it out, but what she was requesting is that I turn on the ceiling fan.  Of course the ceiling fan-light was already playing the part of the sun, so why not a little breeze for her beach.  Before long the buckets and shovels came out and the pretend play continued as a clothes basket became the hot tub and another blanket became a swimming pool.  It was great fun for both of the girls and great fun to watch as they lay there on their beach towels, in their swimming soups, slathered with sun scream, soaking in the ceiling fan sunshine, with a cool ceiling fan ocean breeze blowing.   Nevermind all the snow just outside the door, it was a warm, breezy beach day in our house 🙂

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