– A firm decision to do something

– Firmness of mind or purpose

– An answer to a problem

I’ve decided to state my New Year’s resolutions early.  Quite honestly, I don’t typically make resolutions, but this year I want to make some big changes and I have a very good reason for stating at least one of them early.

1.  I will continue to lose weight and make healthy food choices in my continued efforts to becoming a healthier me.

2.  I will begin getting more exercise in my daily life.

3.  I will rid my home of potentially harmful toxins by using homemade cleaning products; switching from coated cookware to ceramic (Xtrema being my cookware of choice); and removing plastics such as plastic cups, plates and storage containers.

4.  Now for the big one . . . . . . . . . . . . . I will deactivate my Facebook account.

Yes folks, you read that correctly.  I am removing myself from Facebook.  It’s a decision that I’ve been considering for quite some time and have talked myself out of several times.  Not that my other resolutions aren’t big, but somehow they were just easier to makes.  With Facebook, I came to some difficult realizations that made me decide this is something I really needed to do.

Facebook is a thief.  It steals hours of time away from my family, friends and responsibilities.

Facebook is addictive.  It pulls me in, make me think about it many times during the day, causes me to spend countless hours wondering what I’m missing by not signing in.

Facebook is a wolf in sheep’s clothing .  It makes me believe that all the ‘friends’ I have on Facebook are my real friends, when in fact my real friends are those who will reach out to me with or without Facebook.  Real friends will give me a call, send me a text message, an email or even write me a quick note just to say hi, check in and see how I’m doing.  Unfortunately, Facebook has become a good excuse for not making relationships one-on-one and more personal.  I’m guilty as charged and that’s something I want to change.

Facebook is stressful.  I’m not going to expound here.

Facebook has a way of keeping me from achieving other important goals in my life.  i.e. Getting more exercise in my daily life.  The only thing moving when I’m on Facebook is my fingers on the mouse and keyboard.

I could go on with all the negatives of Facebook in my life, but to say that it’s been all bad isn’t true.  Facebook has allowed me to connect with people I would have otherwise not connected with in my life.  It’s also allowed me to reconnect with friends and family I’ve not seen in many years, some of which I thought I’d never hear from again.

Facebook has also been a source of good information and a good source for sharing information.  I’ve actually started a few Facebook groups to help connect people who I consider to be important in my life and who I felt would be important in each other’s lives.  Of all my reasons for staying on Facebook, this has been the one that has kept me signed on.

Ultimately, I decided that the bad parts of Facebook in my life outweigh the good and while I could simply just try to walk away and not check Facebook, I know myself and deactivating my account is truly best.

What I’m not doing is leaving blogland.  This blog has been consistent in my life much longer than Facebook.  It’s been a great way of journaling the journey my family is on and is something my children will have for years to come.  It too has been a great way of connecting with friends and family.

I consider many of you true friends, not just Facebook friends and my hope is that the feeling is mutual – If it’s not, please remember the phrase, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”  🙂 – For those who would like to stay connected, you can visit me here to see what’s happening in our lives.  If you haven’t already subscribed to my blog, scroll down the right hand side of the page and click on Sign Me Up under Email Subscription.  That way you’ll know when I post something out here at the World of Weeks.

Of course I would love to hear from you in my blog comments, but I also love getting emails from time-to-time.  So please don’t be a stranger.  Drop me a note to say hi and if you don’t have my email address, please leave me a private message on Facebook.  I’ll still be part of Facebook land for the next 5 days and will respond to messages.

My resolutions, hopes, and goals are to make those changes in my life that will have long-term, positive impacts on not just me, but on those I love and cherish most – my husband, my children, my four-legged babies, and my dearest family and friends.

Here’s to New Challenges, New Changes, and a Wonderful New Year!!!!


  1. Debbie, I can tell with resolve this firm, it won’t be long until you’ve got a body to match 😀 I just subscribed, and look forward to reading about your successes. I posted my email address on Lisa’s page. Feel free to email me if you ever want to chat. You’re doing great!

  2. I will miss you on FB but will still come here to visit you 🙂 I have considered giving up FB before but in my case, the positives (connecting with family members and friends I normally wouldn’t as well as even using it as a ministry tool through encouragement and prayer) outweigh the negatives. But I can definitely understand why you want to. I will just miss you on there. 🙂

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