First Produce

I went out to the garden to pull weeds, which has been pretty much the only thing I’ve gotten out of the garden so far.  That is, until today.


We had two Serrano peppers ready to pick, so I let each of the girls pick one.  Our first produce out of the garden.  It’s such an exciting and satisfying feeling!!


  1. Very exciting! I have five plants growing inside. I need to get the tomato plant outside…it is too big for its pot now. We will see if I ever get anything to bear fruit. 🙂

    • You need to get that tomato plants outside. Tomatoes love the heat and will produce fruit quickly when it’s hot outside. I have a lot of little green tomatoes on my plants. A fresh vine ripened tomato is by far my favorite garden produce!!!

    • We haven’t had a garden in several years. Re-establishing our garden this year has been a challenge which makes it even more exciting when I am able to pick my veggies.

  2. We have very healthy tomato plants…….but no tomatoes yet! We have eaten radishes. We have lettuce and cauliflower growing. It is so exciting! Can’t wait for my first homegrown salad!!

  3. I remember picking my first produce. It was as if I had gold. Such a good feeling growng your own

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