It’s All Good and Wonderful

They were all talking about it.  All the meteorologists that is.  States to the north and west of us got hit hard and it was heading our way.  During the wee hours of the morning, we had thunder, lightening, rain and wind.  Fortunately though, it was mostly a lot of noise with somewhere between 1.5 – 2.0 inches of rain.  We very much-needed the rain though, so it was very welcome.

With my little anxiety attack over a possible Derecho behind me, life went on as usual.   Homeschool, riding lessons, laundry, cooking, cleaning, yada, yada, yada.  Then today we went on our weekly outing with the homeschool group.  We so look forward to our weekly get-togethers.  None of us know from week to week what we’ll learn and today was an awesome learning experience.

WP_000545 WP_000548

One of the families in our group took in two orphaned baby raccoons and the girls were in awe.  Actually, Lili was a bit frightened.  After all, they do have long sharp claws and he was trying to hold on to Lili just like he would mama raccoon.  Naomi, on the other hand, couldn’t get enough of these babies.  Typically it’s the other way around with my girls.  They got to learn about feeding the babies, stimulating them to pee, and how to hold them.  The kids went to the creek, caught minnows and fed them to the babies.

Then it was time for the babies to leave.  They will be going to a nature preserve and wildlife area to be cared for, but what a wonderful learning experience for the kids.  It was a special treat and yet another reminder of how awesome it is to be a homeschool family.

**For those who may be wondering about the marks on Naomi’s pretty little face, she has apparently hit that clumsy stage.  She fell on the sidewalk skinning her forehead, nose and knee.  A few days later she fell on the sidewalk again pulling the scab off her knee.  Then a few days after that she fell again and skinned her other knee.  This is going to be a very long summer and I obviously need to buy stock in Band-Aid.**


  1. We have loved seeing all the videos of the little raccoons this week, and I am so happy they were finally able to find a caretaker for them.

    • That’s the part of the story I didn’t share in my post. Momma was sentenced to death by the farmer who caught her eating one of his chickens. Later he discovered mamma had been living under his porch and found her babies. He took them to our homeschool friends who have been caring for them. Our homeschool friends also have chickens, so the raccoons were never going to stay to adulthood 🙂

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