FFF – Lili’s Favorite Activity

Several months ago Lili discovered her new love, “coloring.” She will sit in her high chair for an amazingly long period of time just coloring. Recently she’s begun asking to cahyer (color) before she has even had breakfast. I’ve explained that she can color after she eats breakfast, although this has typically resulted in a toddler temper tantrum. What’s become even more concerning is that a few times she’s eaten just a couple bites of food, handed me her plate and then said “cahyer.” Seriously, she’s already figured this one out! She’s not even 2 yet. I’m in trouble!!!!

It’s not just crayons that she enjoys coloring with, she also loves using pens and pencils. We have a cup on our counter full of pens and pencils and she will sit and pull a pen or pencil out of the cup, use it on the paper then set it aside and pull out the next one. After she has used each one she puts them back in the cup and starts all over again. As I watch her do this I find myself wondering what she is going to be when she gets older. What do you think?
Here is my adorable little artist enjoying her artwork.

Check out the grip!!! What great fine motor skills!!!!!The pens she has used are all lined up on the tray and the pens still left to be used are in the cup. By the time she’s done the cup will be empty and then she’ll begin to put them all back.Examining her masterpiece.


  1. How cute is that! And as a kindergarten teacher, I can say that the grip is awesome. It is neat to wonder what she will be like as she gets older. 🙂

  2. I’m amazed at how she holds that pen. Keep it up Lili!!Johanna likes to use her doodle board and write “A, B” that’s all she says as she scribbles. Hey! It’s a start.Can you believe we have been home with our beautiful daughters 10 months!!!

  3. That grip IS awesome! I’m sure you can’t wait in some regards to see what Lili is going to be: an artist, in marketing, an architect, an engineer, an art teacher, a musician – the list of things is endless!And I can’t wait to see where your next step in adoption takes you Debbie! I know you will make great choices and have such an adventure to tell.

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