Secret of Change

Several months ago, hubby and I began having conversation about our life.  More specifically,  how we were not living the life we want to live.  This took us on a journey of change.   Not that there aren’t regular changes in life, but this was about something bigger.  It was about starting over and living a  life that would more deeply connect us to nature and each other.  It was about self-sufficiency.  It was about controlling our lives instead of letting life control us.

Then life got off course and for the last several weeks we have been living in limbo out of fear and uncertainty.  We had lost control and were allowing life’s circumstances to control us.

But not any more.  We are taking back control.  We’re focusing our energy on the changes we want and need to make so we can build a happy and fulfilling life for ourselves.  This is a good place to be.  This is the right place to be.

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