The Goat That I Don’t Remember

Our life experiences, even those we can’t remember, play a significant role in shaping our personalities.  They help determine the things we like or dislike.  They peak our interest in certain things. I remember spending a lot of time at my grandparents home as a child.  Until this weekend, I wasn’t aware of how muchContinue reading “The Goat That I Don’t Remember”

An Upcoming Visit to the Farmy

As we venture out to the world of RV ownership and travel, I still hold onto the hope that  one day things will work out for us to own our own little homestead.   We still strive to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle, by raising our own food.  We are fortunate to have the space forContinue reading “An Upcoming Visit to the Farmy”

Weeks Homestead Part 6 – Goats

Hubby and I have a growing list of animals we want to have on our little homestead – chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, sheep and a pig from time-to-time.  But there is one I’m most excited about having on our little farm . . . . . GOATS!!! I’m a bit obsessed with goats, but theyContinue reading “Weeks Homestead Part 6 – Goats”