What’s in a Name

This morning during breakfast, my girls were discussing names and we got on the topic of the meaning of names. Of course both wanted to know they meaning of their names.

Liliana – of Latin and English origin meaning Lily “flower.”
Naomi – of Hebrew origin meaning “pleasant.”

I  explained to Lili that a lily is a type of flower and then we went online to see pictures.

This is the Stargazer Lily and my Lili has declared it is her favorite. Considering how much she likes the study of stars and space, it seems appropriate. Plus, pink is her favorite color.

I think a Tiger Lily is also a good description of Lili.

Then I found a lily named after her favorite fruit.  Meet the Mango Lily.

There are so many different varieties . . . .

Calla Lily

Tiger Lily

Lily of the Valley

Lily pad

Lily of the Nile

Just to name a few.

Then the conversation took a left turn as Lili began to brag about all the flowers named after her (I didn’t have the heart to tell her that these flowers were named long before she was born).  The conversation began to upset Naomi because she didn’t have a flower named after her (or more accurately, named before her).  So I did another search and discovered that there are indeed Naomi flowers.

There is the Naomi Ruth Daylily

The Naomi Calla lily

The Red Naomi rose


Dahlia Naomi.

With each flower found, we began to plan out our future homestead flower garden.  Obviously, it will include many different lilies, the Dahlia Naomi and the Red Naomi rose.  And just like my girls, the garden will be beautiful!


  1. Beautiful blooms all 🙂 Hey why not ask the girls to pick one favourite each and plant those in your current garden … for practice in the meantime? Laura

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