What a Winter

I’m not sure how much snow we’ve gotten so far this season, but I’m quite sure it’s somewhere between 2 – 3 ft. Yesterday we got 2-3 more inches and today we’re adding some ice on top of it all.  The weather is keeping us homebound, but what’s worse is the virus that is keeping us homebound.

Late last week Naomi was running a fever, complained of a headache, was sleeping a lot and not eating well. A couple of days later no fever or headache, but the congestion moved in. On Monday, hubby came home from work with very similar symptoms. It continued all day Tuesday and Wednesday was no better. Unfortunately he added back spasms to his list of aches and pains which kept him in bed all day Wednesday and Thursday. Yesterday he made his way downstairs. His viral symptoms were better, but within an hour of coming downstairs, he was back in bed doctoring his back and the virus.

On Thursday, Lili started complaining of a runny nose and by yesterday she was running a fever. She asked to go to bed (NOT NORMAL) and by late afternoon was sound asleep.

Today is a new day. We have several inches of fresh snow on the ground and icy rain is falling from the sky. Lili’s fever has broken, but she’s back in bed for the second time this morning. Hubby hasn’t come out of the bedroom at all and is in bed complaining of a terrible sore throat.

So far Dr. Mom is well (knocking on wood), but tired and ready for warmth, sunshine, and a healthy family.

What a winter!!!