Days to departure.

Days before we land in Ethiopia.
Days until we are holding Naomi.

Today we’re going to go visit Ryan for a few hours. Our last few visits with him have been awesome and we hope today is no exception. We’re so happy and relieved to have him in a program that is working well for him. Of course our next visit will include Naomi. We’ve been preparing him for the arrival of his new little sister and based on his reaction to Lili, we anticipate he’ll be happy and all smiles when he meets Naomi. He really does love babies and small children.

Lili has been talking about “her family” a lot lately. She will frequently say “my family” in a very sweet little voice full of happiness and love for her family. She likes to list all the members of “her family” and appears to feel sad if one of those members aren’t around when she’s talking about “her family.” It’s very cute and sweet. I’d like to take credit for being the one who taught her about family and provided her with a full understanding of family, but quite honestly I have to give credit where credit is due. Thanks to The Chipmunks movie, which spends a fair amount of time talking about family, she has put two and two together. Of course The Chipmunks movie is also an example of how families are formed through adoption and boy does that movie do a good job of showing that you don’t have to look alike to be a family.

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