Visit Update

Just a quick post to let everyone know that Ryan’s visits to the new agency are going well. Don’t get me wrong, he’s certainly testing the waters and trying to see just how much he can get by with, but the agency is standing their ground and Ryan is quickly figuring out that he can’t snow them. I received a report from them this morning when I dropped him off and one comment made to me was as follows:

“Ryan understands exactly what we’re saying to him. He has a lot going on in there.”

Wow!!!! How I have longed to hear those words from an agency providing services to Ryan. This is only after 3 days of him being there on daily visits.

The agency has also impressed us in other ways. For example, Ryan had an entire picture exchange communication system (PECS) when we moved him in with his current agency. We showed everyone working with Ryan how to use his PECS. The result? They rarely used it and eventually lost every piece of his PECS. After just 3 days with the new agency, they have already started building his PECS and he is responding positively.

There is a lot more that I could tell you, but let’s just say that I’m exhausted, need a shower and need my bed. We are taking Ryan back tomorrow for his first over-night visit and have already scheduled his visits for next week. The paperwork is being processed to have his funding moved to the new agency and we are hoping that the state moves it through quickly. Until that time, I will be making the 2+ hour drive for his daily visits. There is no way that any of us are turning back now.

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I am a wife, a mother via biology and adoption, a homeschooler and a lover of travel.

2 thoughts on “Visit Update

  1. I sent you an email, but realize you're a bit busy at the moment. I am glad to hear that the visits are going well; although sorry you're having to deal with all of this….again. So happy that Ryan may be living somewhere suitable for his needs. Love to you all! ~Rhonda

  2. This sounds like a wonderful answer to prayer for both Ryan and you! I hope things continue to go smoothly. And hope you have the strength and rest to keep on going!

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