Kids Say The Darndest Things

Obviously, I am still cleaning out my drafts folder.  Some posts I just don’t want to lose, so here is another oldie, but goodie.

On a regular basis, my girls say things that really make me laugh, so I decided it’s way past time to start writing all these down. I’m sure that one day we’ll all enjoy looking back and laughing about them together.

We stopped for ice cream on the way home from grocery shopping and Naomi wanted a hot fudge sundae, so she asked for a hot funjday ice cream.

Same child, while on the way home asked, “Mommy, how old was I when I slept in my cage.” Note to DCFS – we have never put her in a cage, but she did sleep in a crib from the time we brought her home at 9 months of age until about a year ago when she started climbing out of her cage crib.

While driving past a gas station, the girls saw a truck with a horse trailer sitting in the parking lot.  As we get closer, Naomi spots a horse with its head out the trailer window and yells, “I see a horse with a head.”  Not sure how often she has seen a horse without a head, but based on the level of excitement in her voice, it makes me wonder.

Dave showed Lili and Naomi this video  The next morning Lili came downstairs and reported, “Guess what song I just heard?”  Dave said, “I don’t know.”  She replied, “What Does the Fox Say.”  Naomi chimed in saying, “I don’t know what the fox says.”  Lili answered her, “Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.”  LOL!!!!

We spend a lot of time sounding out words in our house.  So, a  couple days after Halloween, Naomi said, “I smell something and it sounds like candy.”  Apparently, she doesn’t quite have the sounding out word thing down yet.

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